What’s New?


Well this week March 03-28-14 to 04-04-14 I am not going to apply any special leave in products to my hair. (I am actually going to do this regularly after the challenge is over, because I like how my hair feels with less product.)

Each time I co-wash, I am only going to condition my hair in the shower and leave a little bit of my wash out conditioner in it as a leave in; nothing else. (Oiling ends is fine).

I find that when my hair is ‘naked’ it is softer, pineapples and falls into place better, and feels cleaner.

My only con is a lot less definition, but I like fluffy, cottony hair, as long as it’s moisturized. It’s nice to take

a break from the super defined spirals every now and then.

Tip: This routine is better when using a silicone free/ organic conditioner, as they actually penetrate your strands instead of just coating them.

Go to “Tutorials” to see how to test naked hair’s porosity, density, curl pattern, and texture.




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