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The Perfect Velour (Khloe Kardashian) Red Lip

Sorry, eyebrows need re-threading

I’ve searched high and low for a red lip that looked like the Snow White, matte, rich red color that Khloe Kardashian Kardashian rocks (see image below). Gorgeous!


I’ve had Ruby Woo for 4 years and although it is hyped as the perfect, blue-based, pin up, red lip color for all skin tones and undertones, I’ve noticed that it has an orange tint.

I’m not sure if I get an orangish tint from Ruby Woo in certain lighting because I have very warm undertones in my skin, but I’ve heard others say the same.

As I’ve said, I’ve literally tried a ton of reds in search of my version of the perfect red lip, even NARS “Cruella” velvet-matte lip pencil, a beautiful shade of red, & more blue-based than ruby woo.

I didn’t see any reviews on NARS Cruella by any Black people, but that never bothered me.

I took a deep breath and decided $25 + tax, $27 was worth the perfect red lip.

Upon application I grew disappointed. The color was a beautiful blue based, brick red color, but not like the Valentine’s day, smooth, velour, rich red I was hoping for.

I then began my search again and came across reviews for Elf Rich Red lip crayon/pencil for $3.

To be honest I love Elf because their stuff is super cheap for quality products, but I was skeptical at the same time because of the price.

On the reviews also the Elf formula for their lip crayons looked creamy/shiny even though the product stated “matte”. This is something I hate! The more matte the better for me. Matte lipsticks just look so much more sophisticated, almost hand crafted on lips, whereas creamy lipsticks look like chicken grease and paint. But the color was beautiful, so I bought it.

When it arrived in the mail I immediately tried it on without much expectation.

I looked in the mirror and it was beautiful. It was NOT shiny! I have to remind myself that a lot of YouTubers pack on tons of lip balm under matte lipsticks and it ends up defeating the purpose  -____-

The formula is a velvet matte like the NARS lip pencils, which is great because they don’t dry your lips out too much.

The minor, and I do mean super minor con is you have to apply layers to build the richness that I like. It is super pigmented, but not like those I’m used to like MAC.

I decided to glide my MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick over the Elf Rich Red crayon and I almost cried. It was what I was wanting for so long. I rubbed my lips together to mix the colors and it was perfect.

To put the icing on the cake, I took a teeny weeny bit of white body powder (translucent powder might be better), and patted my lips, and oh my gosh! It just set the color perfectly, and gave it that hand crafted painted, plush look I like.

My lips also stayed moisturized, even though I didn’t use a lip balm under.

Disclaimer: If setting lip color with powder, DO NOT USE YOUR FOUNDATION powder. It will change the lip color.

I’m so happy 💋

Elf Rich Red on the left (richer color) MAC Ruby Woo on right




How To: Not Break Out While Using Biotin


The picture above is of a foundation-less face, no concealer, nada.

First let me say, I do not naturally have perfect skin by far (thanks daddy 😒), but I have always lusted over people with tiny pores and buttery complexions.

It looks so beautiful and youthful compared to a face full of makeup which seems to age one’s face tremendously in my opinion, after continuous wear; plus I am lazy. I want to wake up, wash my face, apply moisturizer, do my eyebrows (just learning :))  and go! That is my routine most days.

I have normal-oily skin for the most part and avoid foundation as much as I could, especially in the summer. I wear a light coverage powder by NARS occasionally, with SPF 12 which I absolutely adore because it is so natural!

However I do not like wearing ANYTHING on my face except spf in the summer, and a few dots of concealer under my eyebrows.

I hate concealing my eye area. I call it panda eyes. I also hate too light concealers. Why girl!? 😕😖 Why not just fix the issue?

Anyway, on to biotin. In the past my skin rejected Biotin. I only took 1000mcg and still broke out.

After realizing hair growth pills all contain that one ingredient, I decided to research ways to limit breakouts.

The two most important things one should remember is to take a multi vitamin with Biotin everyday, and drinks LOTS of water in comparison to one’s weight.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but my skin has been dewy, much clearer and smoother!

I take 5000mcg of biotin and I have no breakouts, except for 1 pimple that may try to emerge around that time of the month, but I usually stop it from prospering.

Below is my skincare routine.

1) I wash my face with  organic cleansers. I use Dr. Bronners Castile peppermint soap or honey & gracefully scrub with exfoliating gloves 

2) I spray my face with rice water as my toner. Amazing! Youth juice! Asians have been using it forever. I’m never using conventional toners again after discovering this

3) if there seems to be a potential pimple, I dab a thin layer of acne med on the area

4) Before bed I moisturize with  a thin layer of any organic oil over my toner. In the day I moisturize with aveeno spf 55 sunscreen. I damaged my skin badly as a kid laying out glaring into the sun for hours in the Caribbean and  Los Angeles deadly summers. Yes, black ppl should wear sunscreen! 

5) I take a multi vitamin ( highly recommended) 

6) I do a purification face mask, either store bought or homemade on Saturdays (Optional)

7) I drink three 16 ounce cups of water a day (6 cups). Aiming for 8

8) I work out mon-wed. Helps with circulation. Poor circulation equals pale or dull, grayish skin.

9) I love fruit juices, and raw fruit, so I get lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C is amazing for skin and gives it a citrus burst of energy and youthful glow. Power C gummies are also amazing, but I rather get my Vitamin C from natural sources.

This is all I do. Remember, LOTS of water and a multi vitamin when taking Biotin are the most important two.

Substitute: Cinnamon to Stimulate Hair Growth Instead of Garlic/Onion


I like this better!

I’m a lover of anything cinnamon; anything that has a Fall/Christmas scent for that matter.

Anyway, I discovered cinnamon works just as effectively as garlic/onions to stimulate the scalp. (

Cinnamon also smells a lot better obviously.

However, the fact that garlic/onions contain sulphur probably makes them overall superior to cinnamon for overall hair benefits, but I really couldn’t deal with the scent/migraine I got from using them.

I had to scrub , bleach, light candles, air fresheners, etc., to get rid of the garlic smell that seemed to seep into the walls when I last whipped up a batch to apply to my hair.

I’m so thankful I found this cinnamon substitute, but if you can handle the garlic/onion smell, then by all means go for it. I still highly believe it’s great for hair growth.

I am going to apply the cinnamon to my scalp for 15-30 mins every time  before co-washing.

The way I am going to make the mixture is:

1 tsp cinnamon

1tbsp of any of my fav oils

a dash of peppermint extract (optional)

I am going to apply this directly to the scalp only, massage scalp, put a shower cap over my head, process for the recommended time, then wash out, and co wash as usual.

Cinnamon benefits for hair:

-treats hair loss/alopecia

-scalp cleanser

Caution: may lighten hair


Steaming With Garlic/Onion Oil for Hair Growth




Disclaimer!: THIS WORKS, BUT DO NOT LEAVE IT ON YOUR HAIR LONGER THAN 30 mins- 1hr. IT GAVE ME AN EXCRUCIATING MIGRAINE AND MY VISION BECAME FUZZY.  Remember it causes blood to actively circulate your scalp. Leaving it on too long can cause over circulation, and that near the brain can be dangerous. 20140527-091422-33262517.jpg

Not trying to be stereotypical or label people , but every time I see a darker skinned person with long, voluminous, kinky, awesome hair, I think “Haitian”.

Haitians have been marked popular in the natural hair community for their odd, but amazing natural hair remedies, which explains their lovely mane.

One of their hair growth remedies besides huile d’mascreti (castor oil) and moelle de boeuf (bone marrow) is rubbing onion juice/onion oil on scalp (see video below).

Garlic works the same way, but also helps with shedding.

What you’ll need:
1 clove garlic/ onion
1/4 cup (4 tbsp) olive oil

-Chop garlic/onion up and apply to container.
-Add the olive oil
-warm up the mixture (not too hot to burn your scalp).
Only make a small amount, because it is best to use a fresh batch each time.

-Part hair and apply all over scalp and ends of hair
-Cover hair with plastic cap and leave on for an hour or less (read disclaimer)! Or you can sit under a hooded dryer for 15 mins
– Co wash or shampoo after. I am doing this every time I co wash.

Some people apply this to their hair every night and do not wash it out in the morning. They claim if you just apply it to your scalp, there is no scent after a few hours, but I am funny about smells, so I would not leave this in personally.  Also as I said, I kept it in for about 2 hrs by mistake and it gave me an excruciating migraine, plus blurry vision. I had to sleep away the pain; it was so bad.


Too much of a good thing can be bad.


-treats balding
-helps eliminate shedding
-contains allicin which stimulates/tingles the scalp to increase circulation
-provides salon shine
-removes toxins from the scalp. Healthy scalp equals hair growth.
-contains high amounts of sulphur a.k.a “the beauty mineral”. Hair, skin and nails are naturally made up of sulphur. Sulphur aids with lengthening the hair’s growth phase.

Five Tips to Encourage Natural Clumping (Any hair texture)


What is clumping?

Clumping occurs when your hair strands bind together. The thicker the clumping, the bigger your curl; Therefore a person with say type 3A hair will have more clumping than a person with 3C hair type, etc.

Clumped strands are genetic, although your hair practices can enhance or decrease the amount of clumping you get.

What are the benefits of clumping?

-stronger strands

-little to no single strand knots ( didn’t even know what a single strand knot was until I researched it).

-ability to wear hair in loose, unprotected styles more because  strands are binded together, therefore less vulnerable to damage.

-less frizz

-less shedding

-a bit more “hangtime”

Manual clumping:

Braid outs, twist-outs, coil outs, roller sets, straw-sets, etc. Basically any manual styling that mimics a clumped curl.

Natural Clumping: 

As stated above natural clumping is genetic but we all get it regardless of texture. However, obviously the bigger your curls/ coils, the more clumping you’ll have

Below are a few tips on how to enhance natural clumping for all hair textures.

Tip 1: Finger Detangling


Quick story: When I first went natural, for a year I was terrified to use tools on my hair such as combs/brushes, because I thought it was going to comb out my curls forever.

I now use a wide tooth comb or denman brush sometimes, but for the most part, finger detangling will give you the most clumping. II finger detangle 75% of the time, and going to start doing it more often.

It will feel as though you’re not getting out every single knot, which is totally fine. You don’t have to. Your hair is not straight. You do not need to detangle it in it’s curly/coily state to the point where you can run a fine tooth comb through it; once your hair dries, you won’t be able to tell anyway.

I watched a YouTube video of a lady detangling her natural type 4 hair with a narrow toothed comb, then complained about her lack of curl pattern, after she had basically combed out any chance of a curl/coil.

Remember the more packed together your strands, the more clumping you’ll get. If you use combs and brushes to comb through your curls constantly,  you’re ripping them apart from each other.

Fingers (well manicured/short nails) are safe because they don’t have sharp edges, they won’t tear your bonded strands apart, and they give you the ability to carefully feel and identify tangles.

Tip 2: Smoothing/wringing:



Smoothing and wringing hair encourages clumping because you are manually binding the strands together. When applying product to hair, smooth  and rub it down the shaft using your hands.

Wring as much water out off your hair, before drying. Wringing will not only bind the strands together more, but also help prevent frizzing caused by friction from towels, and even tshirts.

Tip 3: When doing your final rinse, use really cold water


Cold water closes the hair’s cuticles. It is similar to closing the pores on skin. When the hair’s cuticles are sealed, it binds the strands together.

Tip 4: Air Drying


Air drying takes forever. I know. It can also make you sick in the winter, but it is the safest way to dry your hair. Air drying dries the hair exactly as is, unless you constantly touch it. I definitely have “hand in my hair syndrome”, but even then I am still able to get better curls when I air dry than when I diffuse (post about how much I hate diffusing coming soon). The hooded dryer gives me nice , clumped curls, but I do wash and go’s often, and sitting under the hooded dryer each time can be damaging to hair.

The reason air drying and hooded dryers enhance natural clumps, is because the air is blowing down your hair shaft, causing the hair to dry almost exactly as is, with minimal frizz/ manipulation.Using a diffuser can affect clumping because the air is blowing on your strands in different directions. I ALWAYS get a ton of frizz with a diffuser, even when I “diffuse downward”. Frizz disrupts clumping.


Tip 5: Gel/Gelos/hair puddings

20140524-093028-34228151.jpgGels/gelos/puddings help keep strands binded together and prevent frizz, but I use them minimally, and more-so on special occasions. I like my hair fluffly on an everyday basis, as i’ve stated a million times, and these products tend to create a bit of a hold, preventing that fluffiness. Fluffiness is not frizz by the way. When I say fluffy, I mean pillow soft. I use leave in conditioner only most day, but for days I want the extra definition and clumping, I use a hair gelo. Gelos have a soft- medium hold, while puddings have a soft hold, and gels have the strongest hold. Always look for alcohol free. Organic is also always better.

So there you have it; five tips to encourage natural clumping:

1)finger detangling


3) cold water rinses


5) stylers like gels, gelos and puddings




Protective Styling With Hats. The Same Concept As Wigs

Disclaimer: this will be convenient mostly for weekend errands or for college students during the week. If you work a corporate job Mon-Fri, then the former may suit your lifestyle.

I’m not a wig, sew-in weave, braids, or in general any protective hair style kind of girl.

I have a sensitive scalp and on top of that my styles do not last long.

I honestly don’t see how people go a week (+) without wetting/washing their hair. My scalp would become inflamed.

I co wash three times a week and even more in the summer.

This week as I await my Nubian Heritage serum to arrive in the mail, I’ve been putting off co washing my hair.

It has also been a lazy week for me. I just didn’t get the urge to style my hair, so I opted for hats.

I love hats. I own a pair in many different styles.

However, the material lining of hats can be damaging to hair due to friction.

I decided to protect my hair with a satin beanie that I got from the beauty supply store under my hat. The satin beanie looks just like a wig cap lol.

That’s when I realized the concept of wearing a hat to protect your hair is like the equivalent of wearing a wig.

For the past 4 days that I haven’t co-washed, I’ve been doing the following:

1) spritzing a little water on my palm and rubbing unto hair ( I didn’t want my hair too damp)

2) sectioning my hair in 5-6 sections and applying a small amount of melted shea butter to each section, and castor oil on my hairline only.

3) twisting each section, then pinning my twisted hair down with bobby pins


4) I then put on my satin beanie scarf


5) Put my hat over my satin beanie scarf, finished getting dressed as usual, and I was good to go.


My Best Second Day Curls Ever! Thanks to Banding <3



Banding benefits:
-Substitute for nighttime pineappling. Keeps curls intact. I prefer banding 100x better than pineappling, which makes my hair stick up and stiff

-Stretches curls. Not necessarily loosens curls, but allows them to fall more downward. Great method for short hair.

Last-night before bed, I sprayed my worn wash and go with some of my homemade conditioning/ refreshing spray, then banded my hair.

I just discovered what banding was about a month ago. I know i’m late.

Anyway, I parted my hair in 3 sections & banded each section from root to center, as I didn’t want to stretch or mess up the natural way my ends curl.

I woke up this morning and took the hair bands out. My hair was like 15% still damp, so I put a little Shea Moisture Curl Milk in my palms, raked through my hair and fluffed.

My hair finished air drying fully in like 45 mins.

This is by far the best, softest, most moisturized, defined second day hair I’ve ever a had. I have to give credit to my glycerin pre poo yesterday in conjunction to banding; my new loves ❤️.


Results!: Glycerin as a Pre Poo

Results= effective 😁 (see previous post)

I initially did a video to portray results, but apparently Facebook isn’t familiar with the Fair Use Act, and I am not paying to upload directly to here. So because Facebook repeatedly blocked my video from uploading, I unfortunately I have to post screenshot ted pictures.
















I am really happy with the amount of water and moisture my hair retained!My strands feel flexible and not dry as though they’ll snap easily, like usually.

Before bed last night, I sprayed my homemade leave in refresher spray all over it, because I wanted it to stay as moisturized as possible, then I banded my hair, woke up and was surprised at how moisturized it still was and curls intact.

Glycerin is really successful in helping retain moisture if you have dry hair. I think my dry hair was caused by coloring/bleaching my hair a lot in the past, and hopefully that will change.

It didn’t work for me using it as a sealant, and I didn’t notice a great difference mixing it in my products, but as a pre poo, yessss! 🙌