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“As I Am” Smoothing Gel Review (Keeper!)



Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Detangler Review

This product is way to heavy for my hair. Also, as I said I don’t see the purpose in “detanglers”, probably because I feel as though a good conditioner can do the same.

Also if I had to choose between this and the Kinky Curl Knot today, I’d choose the lather in a heartbeat.

This product left a film over my hair. I will be washing my hair with shampoo to get it out.
I don’t think this is a bad product. It is organic and provides an enormous amount of moisture and softness to hair. It made my hair so soft, to the point it felt cottony and was too limp to clump and curl.

For me personally, I wouldn’t use it on my hair because my core style is wash and go. I need my hair to clump and curl for wash and gos. If you do a lot of protective hair-styling, then I think this is a wonderful product for you.

Where Exactly is The Amla in the Amla Oil? 😳 (Review of Amla Legend Event)





Product Description: What is Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil?

An opulent concentrate that contains Amla Oil derived from an Indian superfruit renowned for its incredible conditioning properties.

I am far from naive when it comes to dealing with my hair. I’ve been natural since 2010, I have chopped and regrown my hair enough times, and dabbled in most hair products on the market.

I am also not new to Amla oil.

My grandmother is East Indian (her dad was from India), which means Amla oil, coconut oil, rosemary and witch hazel were some common terms that I grew up hearing tossed around concerning hair.

At the Amla Event, celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright stressed the fact that their products were carefully infused with amla, which they had to retrieve all the way from India. He even playfully compared their products to Miss Jessie’s, saying that Miss Jessie’s isn’t going all the way to places like India to get good ingredients for their products.

First off, I totally agree with the Miss Jessie’s comment, but I was a little skeptical that all of the Amla products were below $10. Possible though, as the Shea Moisture, an excellent all organic line is around that price range.

I then Googled amla, to see how much amla oil by itself cost, because that would tell me all I needed to know. I found out Amla itself is not an oil. Amla is a fruit.

Manufactures mix the Amla fruit into a carrier oil such as coconut oil, mineral oil, carrot oil etc. Most Amla oils on the market howevre are infused with mineral oil.

Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are worst than silicones to me, but I didn’t yet sample the producyt or had a chance to browse the ingredients, so I continued being engaged.

I love Tracee Ellis Ross, and her beautiful mane like most, but I kept hoping she was not using her image to promote false advertising.

She told us that she uses the Amla Rejuvenating Oil as a sealer on her hair, by applying a tiny dime sized amount to her ends only, then scrunching, and that it had worked amazing for her.

I received my sample bag with lots of goodies. Excited, I forgot to look at the ingredients on the back to confirm my suspicions.

I went home, took my hair out of my bun and scrunched a dime sized amount of the Amla  Rejuvenating oil on only my ends, in the same manner Tracee said she did it.

My hair had nothing but organic ingredients in it, and was just washed and conditioned the night before, so I knew the results would not have been affected by any build up.

I braided my hair in two cornrows and went to bed with the oil in my hair. I also slept on the lovely satin scarf they gave us.

The next morning my hair felt brittle. I immediately went to the restroom and looked at the ingredients on the back of the Amla Rejuvenating Oil.

I traced my eyes over every ingredient, and their was no sight of amla. Not even .5%.

The ingredients read: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Parfum/Fragrance, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, Carrot Oil / Beta Carotene, Limonene.

Now compare those ingredients to that of the Indian Hemp oil by Nubian Heritage, an all organic sister line to Shea Moisture, that cost around $3 more. They both claim “India” right?

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Oil/serum Ingredients:

Shea Butter Oil Olive Fruit Oil, Vegetable Squalene, Hemp Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil , Vitamin B-5), Bambusa Vulgaris (Bamboo) Extract, Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis) Flower, Garlic Extract, Neem Seed Oil, Keratin, Vitamin E.

Big difference right? You can actually understand the ingredients, and they have the difficult terms in parenthesis so you know exactly what they’re talking about,  as they do on most products made with certified  ingredients.

I couldn’t be any more disappointed. Going to scrub this stuff out of my hair today, even though I JUST shampooed two days ago :(. My hair feels like a Brillo pad.

I seriously do not believe it has anything to do with the fact that “everyone’s hair is different”. It’s a simple flaw on the part of cheap manufacturers and money hungry companies who are trying to profit off of a booming trend (natural hair).

I really feel as though my awareness of manufacturing companies and businesses in general when it comes to my hair has nothing to do with being a difficult natural, and everything to do with the fact that I took a corporate communications class my last semester of college, which really opened my eyes to the games.

I just related the knowledge I received to something I care about (my hair).

I understand companies have to make a profit. My thing is, if you choose not to use the ‘real thing’, then don’t advertise it as that.

Mel B., (my hair), makes all the final decisions about what she likes, regardless of how I or my pocket feels (lol).

I love Tracee so much. I just wish she would endorse a better brand. She’s so much better than a relaxer transitioning company who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of natural hair, but is interested in its profits.


This is what came in the goody bag. I’m going to keep the satin scarf of coarse, and the mascara and nail polish. I’m going to place the coupons and sample packs in a women’s restroom for anyone who wants them. I’m using the Rejuvenating Oil on my feet.

Two things I am going to steal from Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair regimen:

1) I’m going to buy and attempt to use the diffuser one more time, diffusing downward like she does. We both have high density hair naturally, so no more volume is needed.

2) She talked about how much she didn’t like flat edges, and that she in’t concerned about them being sleek. I used to feel the same way, and still don’t use gel or edge tamers to slick them down, but I do put a scarf around them for a few minutes. I think I’m going to eventually eliminate that when wearing my hair down, and just let them do their own thing. It looks more uniform that way. Also by not flattening, slicking and brushing your edges constantly, it lessens the chance of them thinning.

Wrapping Foam for Setting Natural Curls?


You guys know I am trying to do the whole less is more, when it comes to how many products I use on my hair at a time.

Well, I really like how eco styler gel defines my curls with zero frizz, but I hate the aftermath the next day.

I hate stiff hair. Gel also has the tendency to cause buildup, and it makes my wet hair dry slower.

I like fluffy curls, even if they are not super defined. I tried using gelo in place of gel, because it provides a softer hold but it is pretty expensive, and I do wash and go’s three times a week. It also causes my wet hair to dry slower.

I was searching for something lightweight that shape and sculpt my natural curls, has a light hold, that’s cost efficient, and can be used daily without buildup, dries fast,and doesn’t weigh hair down for days that I want fluffier hair.

I instantly thought about mousse. I picked up Herbal Essences mouse and looked at the ingredients, which weren’t bad. I was about to walk to the register to pay for it, but Creme of Nature wrapping Foam with Argan oil caught my eyes.

I remembered using wrapping foam on my permed hair to do roller sets. The ingredients also were better than the ingredients listed for the mousse.

Both the mousse and wrapping lotion are foams, but the wrapping lotion has that really soft hold that I like, whereas I wasn’t sure if the mousse was going to make my hair stiff.

I decided to pay the dollar extra and get the wrapping foam.

Like I said, I plan on using it in place of gel on days that I want to rock bigger, less defined, but frizz free hair, for braid out s(yes I said braid-outs). I think it will work great on manipulated styles also, and I plan on trying them.

I want to actually check out more products from them. Seems like a good natural line.

I’ll post the results 🙂

Creme of Nature Natural Line



Finishing Step Found: Taliah Waajid Curl Shine Spray


I don’t know about this spray being as hydrating as described, but definitely works for me as a finishing step for my wash and go’s.

I’ve been searching for something everywhere that’s lightweight, organic, and produces shine, so I don’t have to directly apply oil to my wash and go’s because it causes mega frizz.

I used to use serum as my finishing step because it does all of the above, but even the most expensive ones I’ve come across in stores are packed with cones.

I wouldn’t use this shine spray as a refresher or conditioning spray because it isn’t water based like the homemade one I made.

Anyway, love this product. Smells great, organic, cost around $8; a modern, healthier version of the old school oil sheen in a can.

Shea Moisture Line Review


I like this line because it is all organic.

Liked products:

Curl Enhancing Smoothie: smells great, moisturizes well, consistency of a hair butter. I use this sometimes for extra moisture after my leave in conditioner

Style Milk: a light weight, less oil based version of the curl enhancing smoothing, which I love as a type 3 hair person, because it isn’t as heavy, and absorbs into strands faster.

Deep Treatment Mask: great stuff. Upon first application it doesn’t really feel like it has a lot of slip, but it’s a mask. After washing it off, your hair is going to feel extremely soft. For $12.99 though, I don’t know if it will be my staple because I deep condition weekly, and I can make my own homemade treatments that actually works just as well. I will purchase this again during lazy times, where I do not feel like whipping up a batch of my own.

Disliked products
Hold and Shine Mist. Just no. I’m personally not a fan of hold. It’s like a shiny spritz to me. I won’t ever repurchase. I bought it to work as a finishing shine spray, but I didn’t like it.

Soufflé gel: I honestly don’t remember how I felt about this one. The consistency is very thin, like runny jello. It’s lightweight, and I think it did define my curls, with little to no hold, which I love, but I think I didn’t repurchase because I found Eco styler gel for $2 vs this for $9.99. I don’t think it’s worth the price, but not horrible. Probably really good for 3a/b hair, but there are so many other natural gelos and custards out there that work and smell better. III Sisters of Nature makes a great one.

Just Found Out My Favorite $1 Conditioner is Silicone Free!!!!


So I gave up on silicone conditioners, though I knew it was going to be hard to find silicone free ones anywhere, except wholefoods.

I’ve been using Tressemme Naturals and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner faithfully, which I love, but nothing compared to my V05 $1 moisture milk conditioners.

I have no clue why my hair likes that cheap stuff so much, except the fact that it contains biotin.

When I decided to go cone free, I threw out my V05 conditioners, because I just assumed for a dollar they most definitely contained cones.

Nope! They don’t!!! At least not the moisture milk line. I read this on a blog and instantly rushed to Kroger to check the ingredients with my own two eyes, and it’s true!

I wanted to grab about 10 of the Strawberries and Cream kind, and Peaches and Cream kind, but they only had 1left!

I’m in awe over this line. I will be using these as a wash out and a leave in.


Washable Haircolor Spray Review







Cost: $1.99-$6.99. I paid $3.99 at my local beauty supply store.

Places to purchase: beauty supply stores, Walgreens, online, Walmart may have them also.

Pros: price, temporary/washable, non damaging, versatile, fun, commitment free. Great for an I deceive libra like myself, ha.

Cons: messy application ( tie a scarf or something to protect the part of your hair you don’t want the spray getting on or it would sprinkle unto those parts). Color variety limited, the color (this particular brand probably), looks less professional than authentic hair color, has a dusty look, the blonde is horrible. It has a green tint/ base (Again, could just be this particular brand).

Would I recommend? : Yes, the pros to me outweighs the cons, and I’ve only tried one brand. The biggest pro is that if you don’t like it, you can simply wash your hair. The color also disappears into your hair the next morning by itself.