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3rd Chop’s A Charm Right?


And you’re scared because…? Lol.

1)Aug 2010: 1st chop after transitioning for a yr
2) Oct. 2011. Chopped because of bleach/color damage. I was scary addicted.
3) Feb. 2014. Chopped because of bleacch/ color damage again. Even though I love and miss the signature spicy, bronze, highlighted hair color, I was ready to grow up & take my hair’s health seriously + we all know third time’s a charm.


Blow Out and Trim 💇


I decided to blow my hair out and trim my ends. After watching Taren Guy’s hairstylist explain how trimming less than an inch of your hair every 3mths helps not only speed up growth, but also maintain the health and style of your hair, I’ve decided to adopt this routine.

I did good on my first attempt. The next time I trim, I will record the process. Trimming on blown out hair is sooo much easier than trying to trim curly hair.

I do not like the search and destroy method of trimming. As Taren’s hairstylist said, it messes with the shape of your hair style. This is very true. Whenever I trim that way, it feels like I’m trimming forever, I end up trimming more than expected, and my hair becomes uneven.

Tools needed:

-Blow dryer (make sure to blow-dry hair that is clean. Also deep condition for health maintenance)
-Comb or brush
-Some sort of heat protectant. (Because I don’t like silicons, jojoba oil works fine)
-sharp scissors (not used for cutting anything else, but hair)

My next trim is scheduled for Oct. 30th

Length Check #2. Two Months Post Semi Chop

Both pictures are of my curls combed/ brushed out. No heat


I’m early again. I can never wait until the actual 14th. Honestly I have been slipping on remembering to take my vitamins.

I took a two-month supply of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, which only contains biotin, vitamin e, and vitamin c, and did see growth when I did my first length check.

I however stopped taking them after the second bottle because they are extremely hard to find in stores and online. Walgreens were the only ones that carried them & they were always out of stock.

This month I decided to start taking 5000 mcg of biotin per day, along with a cheap Target brand prenatal vitamin.

Prenatal vitamins are just multi- vitamins in double dose form, since they are usually for pregnant women.

Prenatal vitamins however, do not contain biotin, which is necessary for hair growth, so hence the reason I decided to take both together.

As I’ve mentioned though, I’ve been skipping days since I started because I am terrible at drinking water, and if you do not drink a ton of water while taking biotin, your skin WILL break out like crazy!

I’m gonna do better!

It’s only been two months, plus my lack of consistency, but I’m nonetheless satisfied with the growth I’m experiencing.

Disclaimer: Hair grows on average .5 inches a month

First Length Check! (1 Month After Semi Chop)


2 days before semi chop  ^

Semi chopped 02-14-2014


Top pic (second photo) is my hair combed out . Bottom pic is my hair lightly blown out

I’ve gotten around an inch growth my first month. Satisfied. I will post a review on the vitamins I take under the reviews tab.  I also use castor oil on my hairline and ends of hair. I now try to stay away from silicons and use as many natural products as I can.  Before starting my journey over, I didn’t care about ingredients.

I will continue to update my length checks every month to every 2 months.