The Perfect Velour (Khloe Kardashian) Red Lip

Sorry, eyebrows need re-threading

I’ve searched high and low for a red lip that looked like the Snow White, matte, rich red color that Khloe Kardashian Kardashian rocks (see image below). Gorgeous!


I’ve had Ruby Woo for 4 years and although it is hyped as the perfect, blue-based, pin up, red lip color for all skin tones and undertones, I’ve noticed that it has an orange tint.

I’m not sure if I get an orangish tint from Ruby Woo in certain lighting because I have very warm undertones in my skin, but I’ve heard others say the same.

As I’ve said, I’ve literally tried a ton of reds in search of my version of the perfect red lip, even NARS “Cruella” velvet-matte lip pencil, a beautiful shade of red, & more blue-based than ruby woo.

I didn’t see any reviews on NARS Cruella by any Black people, but that never bothered me.

I took a deep breath and decided $25 + tax, $27 was worth the perfect red lip.

Upon application I grew disappointed. The color was a beautiful blue based, brick red color, but not like the Valentine’s day, smooth, velour, rich red I was hoping for.

I then began my search again and came across reviews for Elf Rich Red lip crayon/pencil for $3.

To be honest I love Elf because their stuff is super cheap for quality products, but I was skeptical at the same time because of the price.

On the reviews also the Elf formula for their lip crayons looked creamy/shiny even though the product stated “matte”. This is something I hate! The more matte the better for me. Matte lipsticks just look so much more sophisticated, almost hand crafted on lips, whereas creamy lipsticks look like chicken grease and paint. But the color was beautiful, so I bought it.

When it arrived in the mail I immediately tried it on without much expectation.

I looked in the mirror and it was beautiful. It was NOT shiny! I have to remind myself that a lot of YouTubers pack on tons of lip balm under matte lipsticks and it ends up defeating the purpose  -____-

The formula is a velvet matte like the NARS lip pencils, which is great because they don’t dry your lips out too much.

The minor, and I do mean super minor con is you have to apply layers to build the richness that I like. It is super pigmented, but not like those I’m used to like MAC.

I decided to glide my MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick over the Elf Rich Red crayon and I almost cried. It was what I was wanting for so long. I rubbed my lips together to mix the colors and it was perfect.

To put the icing on the cake, I took a teeny weeny bit of white body powder (translucent powder might be better), and patted my lips, and oh my gosh! It just set the color perfectly, and gave it that hand crafted painted, plush look I like.

My lips also stayed moisturized, even though I didn’t use a lip balm under.

Disclaimer: If setting lip color with powder, DO NOT USE YOUR FOUNDATION powder. It will change the lip color.

I’m so happy 💋

Elf Rich Red on the left (richer color) MAC Ruby Woo on right




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