7 Reasons I Love Fall <3

1) I’m a Fall Baby 🙂 (October 7th!)


2) The weather: I like chilly; not freezing, but crisp air hitting my face.


3)Scents: Spices. Air freshners and candles that smell like apple pie, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, any homey scent makes me feel relaxed and warm.

When it comes to my perfumes I’ve always been drawn to those deeper toned ones for women. It makes you smell expensive! In the Fall I also tend to spend more on quality perfumes. Fall 2012, Coach Poppy and Britney Spears “Fantasy” (I’ve worn that forever!) were my go to’s. Last Fall, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love and Rihanna’s “Rebel Fleur”. I got so many compliments on both. Whenever I wear Rebel Fleur I think of NYC, which is where I was last Fall. Scents are so reminiscent, which can be a good or bad thing.

In search of a new Fall perfume. I have a collection by now; awesome because I love variation (Libra).


4) Warm Drinks and poetry: I’m the typical suburban girl who loves her Starbucks 🙂 Coffee shops in general are life in the colder months.

5) Humdity free: My hair sends up thanks and praises for this one. I know some people have issues with their natural hair during colder months, but my curls and straight hair loves it. My straight hair remains straight without reverting, and my curls dry flawlessly and frizz-less, because of the cold air.



6) Food: Food just tastes better in colder months. So many homemade goodies. I always weigh more from October-February, which isn’t a terrible thing in my case. I workout, therefore giving myself room to be able to do so without appearing hefty.




7) FALL FASHION: dark and neutral colors (olive, other greens, rust, oranges, browns, black, gray, burgundy, reds, etc.), bold red/dark/ neutral lips, nails, dark hair, darker eyes (mascara and liner season 🙂 ), sweaters, boots, scarfs, hats (beanies, berets, fedoras), plaid, polka dots, tights, ahh! 😀





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