Tips For Flat Ironing Fine Textured Hair


We all know the finer your strands are, the more probe you are to frizz and reversion if you have curly hair.

Even though I have very dense hair (enough for 2 ppl), my strands are very fine in texture; I just have a lot of them.

Lately I’ve been struggling to get my hair straight, without it frizzing or reverting 5 seconds later.

Fine haired people are usually scared to use oils or products that weigh their strands down, but I found using an oil, or being a little more heavy handed than usual on the leave in conditioner helps add weight to your strands, so that they stay and remain frizz free.

Adding weight to your strands also helps get a sleeker look when you run the flat iron along them.

Using just serum to flat iron my hair left it too wispy and light, and although I love that, I prefer bone straight hair over big hair when straight.

Below are a few tips on how to tame fine stranded hair:

1) don’t be afraid to apply the same amt of leave in conditioner you would use if your were wearing your hair curly

2) invest in a good blow dryer/ flat iron. Ones with an ionizer/ ceramic/
Titanium plates.

3) experiment with the chase (comb and flat iron combo) method. Our ends tend to want to stubbornly re-curl.

4) lightly oil your ends and strands before flat ironing. I find that since my serum has silicones, it just sits/ coats my strands instead of penetrating them and adding a little weight. Weight is good for fine strands.

5) you will notice your hair will absorb/ drink up most of the oil you put on it before flat ironing and your hair won’t be greasy.

6) stay cool. Sleep with the air condition on if it’s hot/humid. If it’s Winter, turn down/off the heat. Humidity loves fine strands.

7) tie a scarf to cover your hair and then place a shower cap over it before showering. I almost always have to re-straighten after I take a shower if I’m not careful. I find that using a detachable shower hose helps.

8) wrap/ bun your hair up at night and wear a satin scarf

9) dodge rain like the plague


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