Sealing With Serum vs. Oil on my Hair


I never understood why people with kinkier curls than mine were able to take down a pineapple, shake and go, when mine just stiffly adopted the shape of the pineapple.

I use organic gels that do not make my hair stiff, so what was causing the greasy stiffness?

Culprit: Oil! 

When I first went natural I didn’t dare let oil touch my hair unless I was doing a hot oil treatment/ deep conditioning; I guess I still had the “straight hair syndrome” of not wanting to weigh my hair down. Instead, I sealed my natural hair with serum, which has a lighter feel.

As the years went by and I did my second chop, I began developing classic natural hair practices like sealing with oils. I even went on a rant about the difference between sealing oils (castor, jojoba, shea) vs moisturizing oils (olive oil, avocado oil, etc.)

My transition to sealing with oils instead of serum lead to frustration because my hair just doesn’t seem to like being coated in oil. I can tell this from the way my wash n go dries in comparison to sealing with a serum. It looks nice and shiny on camera, but greasy in person.

Through trial and error, I came up with a conclusion: my hair doesn’t hate oils in general, it just doesn’t like being sealed with oil. I can do hot oil treatments, massage my scalp with them, etc., but sealing, I need to give it up.

Jojoba oil is one of the best sealants for those of you whose hair like being sealed with oil, since it mimics our natural sebum. However, I’ve noticed that when sealing MY HAIR with oil, even though my hair retains moisture, I do not have much movement when it dries. It feels a bit stiff and oily, even when using minimal.

Yesterday I used my Garnier Fuctis serum that I’ve used for years, and now only use for flat ironing to seal my wash n go and observed a few things:

1) more movement from my hair

2) less weighed down, fluffier curls

3) still shiny, but not oily

4) softer hair even on second day


My hair loves the consistency of serums or any serum-like product over oil. I’ve tried products that claim to be serums, but have an oil consistency, and my hair, although it liked the product, produced the same results as when I use an oil to seal. I’ve noticed all-natural serums all have the consistency of an oil, which breaks my heart.

All/ most serums that have a glycerin consistency are packed with at least one or more silicons. Maybe it’s the silicons that give it its consistency. This concerns me because I am not a fan of silicons; well silicons in moisturizers. 

Silicons are sealants; stronger sealants than oil. If you have silicons in your conditioners and moisturizers, you are NOT moisturizing/conditioning your hair. It is just sitting on top of your strands creating a barrier. This is why silicons are excellent sealants.

They even use silicons to seal cracks in pipes, doors, windows, flooring,  so it should absolutely not be used in conditioning products.

With that being said, I use hair serums for my sealing step of my wash n go’s. Therefore, I am making sure to condition and moisturize (leave in, creams, etc) with all organic products, so they penetrate my strands, then lock in that moisture with my serum containing silicone.

As much as this transition is going to pain me, because I’m so against silicons, you must understand it depends on the way you use it.

My biggest concern is getting the silicone out of my hair in preparation for the next wash, since I do not like using sulphates either.

Sulphates strip the hair, but is one of the few things that can wash away silicons. But guess what?

Baking soda, a natural ingredient can also remove silicons from hair.

I already cleanse my low porosity hair with a baking soda rinse every week/ every other week to avoid extra build up. Therefore I need not worry. The baking soda will cleanse away the silicone containing sealant.

Meanwhile, I know if I switch back to sealing with serum, my hair would be softer, have more movement (maybe I can pineapple again), and my moisture would be locked in securely until wash day. Maybe that will help limit my hair washing to once a week and give my hair a break from washing and going every 2-3 days. Doubt it (lol).

I haven’t re-adopted the pattern yet. Will keep you all updated.





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