The Cost of Youth. Laser Tattoo Removal



Today I started the process of removing two of my tattoos.

Before I got those tattoos, I did indeed consider the future, but I wasn’t sure of the profession I would land. I felt however, that I could easily just cover them with makeup.

Covering them with make-up for conservative settings like my internship, interviews etc, did work because they are quite tiny, but it became tiresome.

Reason for removal

When I fell in love with the idea of wanting to become a flight attendant, I knew I had to get them removed. I hesitated because landing a flight attendant job is a process of its own, because of how competitive the application process is.

I didn’t know how long it would take, or if I would even be successful in being selected by an airline.

When I got my job offer, I panicked under my overly joyous demeanor.

Tattoo removal is not done overnight, or with just one appointment. It is a long, painful, extremely expensive process.

Today I went to my first appointment at Dr. Tattoff’s office here in Atlanta.


The cost for removing each tattoo, combined for every treatment was almost 1,000 per tattoo.

The receptionist liked me, and so she gave me a great deal, which realistically is still pretty costly. She charged me $967 for both tattoos combined.

The $967 includes 9 treatments, everything included (after care treatment, numbing, etc.). If my tattoos do not disappear by 9 treatments, she said they would continue free of charge. If it took less treatments, I would be reimbursed accordingly.

They factor your cost based on skin tone, size of tattoo, shading vs outline, color of tattoo, etc.

They have a chart consisting of 5 skintones:

1) Pale/ Porcelain


3) Olive

4) Brown

5) Dark

Three, four and 5 being ethnic skintones, 4 and 5 being mostly African American/Hispanic. She listed me a 4.

Black ink tattoos are the easiest to treat, pink , purple and green and pastels are generally the most difficult. Mine are both black ink.

Outlines and smaller tattoos are also of course easier. Both of mine are only 1 inch/less.


The pain was not as bad as I thought. It felt the same to me as getting the tattoo.  They numb you a little, but I decided to do it without getting numbed because I was in a hurry. You will feel some sort of pain whether or not you choose to get numbed.

She spent less than 5 minutes zapping each tattoo, and it was over.

It smelt like burned flesh and my skin was on fire, but she had cool air blowing out of a nozzle the whole time on the areas. The room was also freezing.

Also keep in mind that ethnic skintones cannot be treated as aggressively with laser as pale and fair skin can. It runs a high risk of hyper and hypo pigmentation.

This really is a downer because this means double the amount of treatments.


Getting frustrated with the process is my biggest concern. Also the cost really is depressing. It basically cost the same as say a boob job if she didn’t give me a discount. (Natural boobs btw 🙂 Don’t need one, lol).

Also I fly out for training at the end of October. My training lasts 3 weeks, yet my next appointment is November 7th. If you don’t show up to your appointment without notice, they charge your card a $25 fee.

I’m worried I would not be able to make treatment dates, which are 7 weeks apart. I really wish they were 4 weeks apart, like some other places.

Also, Dr. Tattoff is only located in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and 3 other places she listed, but none of them are one of my flight attendant base choices, which means I will have to fly home every 7 weeks for treatment.

I have high hopes my treatments wouldn’t take as long as she estimated.

I’m going to ask her to treat them more aggressively the next appointment. I rather have a scar than the tattoos at this point. If I was white, I would have only needed 4 treatments.

Final thoughts

Please consider your future entirely, and intelligently when making a decision to get a tattoo on a certain location of your body.

I still love tattoos, and I see nothing wrong with them. I am extremely artistically inclined and see them as a way of expression. However, location definitely matters, unless you plan to live all aspects of your life free-spiritedly, including your profession.

I will continue to cover them and submitt paperwork to my airline, until they are completely gone. The thought that my skin would be renewed to a new canvas in a matter of months is quite liberating.



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