Day 3: Good Morning Crooklyn. Last Day in NYC.


Today is my last day in NY. My flight back to Atlanta is scheduled for noon tomorrow.

I don’t know what I’m doing today. My cousin will be at work all day, and i have to either figure out NY solo, or starve.

I’m on my way to attempt riding the train to 42nd st, Manhattan to get lunch, do some site seeing, picture taking, and maybe text my guy friend I met.

Hopefully I get to hang out with him if he gets off work early.

Not ready to leave, but ready to get back to Atlanta to my own bed, and working toward pursuing my goals.

NY and Emirates were just the first step.

I’ve jokingly said I am unavailable for three years (dating wise). Three years is the length of a flight attendant’s contract. I am honestly just focused on this one career move at the moment, and I don’t want anything, including my feelings getting in the way of that.

I am young, single, educated, no children, or ties at the moment. I am exploring life and loving it.

After-all, it’s hard to cuff a girl who wants to be flight attendant 😉


“You’re in love with something bigger than love.

You believe in something stronger than trust”

                                                             – Wanderlust.


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