Blogger in Brooklyn: Day 1


Just got to NYC earlier today. First time staying in Brooklyn. Feels like I’m in the local downtown of a Caribbean island to be honest.
Crown Heights is set up weirdly. It’s considered the hood. Crown heights is filled with immigrants.

Everyone in Crown Heights has a Caribbean accent. Around the corner (still in Crown Heights) there is the Jewish community with large mansions.

Real life Jewish men walk the streets in black and white conservative attire on a casual day with large brimmed fedoras and a full, trademark beard. Like a t.v show for real lol.

Everything you could ever need in Brooklyn is in walking distance.

I’ve never seen so many Caribbean restaurants and beauty supply stores on the same stretch before.

Caribbean flags dominate any other decoration. Trini flags, Jamaican ones, Guyanese ones, Haitian ones, St. Vincent, Puerto Rican ones, etc parading in the wind attached to vehicles.

I had a roti at Ally’s on Utica and drank homemade sorrel. Tomorrow I’m going back for pholourie and more sorrel.

Tonight I might be going to a Guyanese BBQ. Hopefully my phone doesn’t die so I can continue to blueprint my adventures.

Looks like I’m here a weekend too early. Next weekend is Labor Day in Brooklyn, which means it’s gonna heightened times two.

Oh. I’m here for 4 days.

Tomorrow morning at 9p.m I have my first flight attendant audition with Emirates.

I call it an audition because..

..well stay tuned for day 2. I’ll explain.



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