Lost My Virginity Today at “The Brow Nook”

photo 2 Today I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time! Agh! 🙂 I love them!

I found a girly little spot located on Forsyth Street downtown Atlanta, tucked around the corner of Quiznos and the U.S post office.

The location is extremely convenient to people who work in the heart of downtown and Georgia State students (1 min from Aderhold). There are countless restaurants nearby, the Five Points transit station, etc.

The name of the place is called The Brow Nook and the interior design will draw any girly girl in. The walls, furniture and rug are different shades of pink, with black lining. I believe there is some pink and black zebra pattern around the mirrors, soft, white comfortable chairs; it’s just beautiful.

I wanted to take pictures of the inside, but forgot, and was too scared to go back and just start snapping.

photo 1

The setting reminded me of something you would see in the movie “Legally Blonde”; proof that looking past the begging bums and stench of downtown, there are hidden treasures.

I paid $9. That is their standard cost for eyebrow threading.

She threaded my eyebrows in literally less than 5 minutes. I was blown away, especially because my eyebrows were unshapely, thick, and needed a lot of work, since I rarely get my brows professionally done, and I had been growing them out for weeks.

She simply made the remark “Long time huh?” lol.

When she was done I asked if she could thread my whole face, but she told me I didn’t need it, and that only East Indian people who are hairy like herself ever come to get that done.

I laughed, thinking to myself, “I am hairy. I’m Trini. Half of my ancestors are YOUR PEOPLE.” LOL.

Anyway, below are the results on a naked face. I plan on being a hooked and faithful customer.

I hope that next time my eyebrows are sculpted even better, eventually until they match almost perfectly!

I know eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, but you can manipulate them into being twins, right?

I am now obsessed with eyebrows!

photo 4
Naked face. No eyebrow filling/lining.

photo 3photo 5




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