Less Wine(ing) More Yoga :)


One thing a Libra woman loves more than fancy wine is balance.


I live for balance in all aspects of my life. Lately I’ve been able to bring some of that balance into my lifestyle with little manipulation and ease.


I tried yoga for the first time a week ago (how and why am I just trying this) after reading about its countless benefits, and I must say that I’ve found my niche.


I also work out (dumbbells, cardio, etc.), but let me tell you, this is a different kind of workout. It’s more cognitive. Not only does it benefit your body,but also your mind and soul.

I didn’t know there is a special way that one is supposed to breathe. The exercise teaches you how to breathe and balance your internal self by performing poses in counteractive positions.

The first time it took a bit of effort from me. The poses felt a little uncomfortable because my body was not use to bending and stretching like that, but the more I do it, the better I’m getting.


There are tons of different types of yoga. My preferences are the ones that target enhancing mental clarity, energy, and combating anxiety (which I have).

My favorite pose is the fetal position/ child pose. It is very comforting for me, and I can stay in that position all day!


I would love to research yoga positions to soothe menstrual cramps also, as mine are devious. Like literally, there is this little devil that appears in my stomach at a certain time every month and maliciously stomps on my uterus for hours until he feel like stopping (lol).

I currently use YouTube as my source for Yoga, but I would love to take a couple of live classes from time to time.


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