Duping Until December. I Shattered my $50 Face Powder >_<


I am so pissed. Just two weeks before a big job interview, I dropped my favorite makeup compact.

I bought the NARS powder at the Sephora in Times Square this past Thanksgiving and fell in love.

I know very little about makeup (I’m a late bloomer), but when the MUA swiped the brush unto my face with this shade, I had to purchase by all means.

Because I rarely wear makeup and I have oily skin,  I chose something with a light-medium coverage that was preferably a powder. I knew it was going to last me at least a year, since I prefer to wear my bare skin in the summer. Wearing my bare skin in the summer is also a perk for not having to buy a summer shade, since we get darker during that time of the year.

Anyway, this NARS powder is my baby! I wear it on my face with nothing else. I don’t highlight, contour (except for my nose), any of that. Now that I wasted all of it on the floor, I decided to opp for something cheaper for my job interviews until Winter.

I came across Ruby Kisses (No More Blemishes) Powder in the shade Golden Brown at a beauty supply store. First off, I gave up on drugstore makeup. It breaks me out, and just looks cheap to me, the packaging is ugly, etc. Ullgh 😛

So the shade of this particular makeup seemed so familiar. I broke the seal (lol), felt the texture, swiped-sampled it on my hand, and the quality felt expensive, considering it was only 5.99. The advertisement poster above the rack also stated that this makeup contained acne medication (salycylic acid) to prevent breakouts.

For 5.99 I thought why not; I don’t have much too lose. So I bought the compact, applied it to my face and it was an instant match.

photo 2I compared it to my NARS powder, which is in the shade Tahoe, and these are the similarities/differences I came across:

1) The NARS Powder has a way better/ modern packaging. It has a large mirror, sponge and the case is hard rubber. The Ruby Kisses is in a typical round, hard case, which seems like it may crack easily, has a basic sponge and is an ugly shade of blue, with writing that seems like it will fade fast.

2) The NARS undertone makes the color faintly lighter than the Ruby Kisses powder. I had already assumed this because I’m darker in the summer, and the golden brown matched my summer skin upon first application.

3) NARS Tahoe is an NC (Neutral Cool) shade, which neutralizes the skin of people with yellow, warm golden undertones.The shade Tahoe looks yellowish under lighting, but has some very light off-pink undertones. It’s weird. However it matches my skin perfectly. I have very warm skin that tans easily. like most Caribbean people/ people who’s ancestors live near the equator. My medium complexion has a mixture of yellow and berry undertones.  If the weather gets too hot or too cold, the berry tones protrude .

My skin in natural lighting without any makeup
Nars Powder (Tahoe)

On the other hand, the Ruby Kisses Golden Brown doesn’t have those faint, pink undertones to neutralize the yellow. Although both compacts look alike in shade, the Golden Brown has more of a dull, greyish undertone to me. I think this may be the difference between cheap and expensive makeup. The undertone mimicks the skin’s natural undertone better. If the makeup’s undertone is off, it will look greyish on the skin when it oxidizes.

Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes (Golden Brown)

Thankfully, this particular line of the Ruby Kisses powder does not oxidize. I wore it all of yesterday and my face didn’t look grey at the end of the day.

4) Both the Ruby Kisses and NARS powder are medium coverage. NARS being a tin-git lighter coverage.

5) They contain around the same amount of product.

6) The Ruby Kisses Powder caters to women of color only. I like this a lot, but most of their shades seem to have a brick red/orange undertone. For example, the only two yellow toned powders I could find in the line were Golden Brown and Golden Glow. Golden Glow was the lightest color out of the whole line, so I decided not to go with that and get Golden Brown. However, I feel as though if I was to make this my staple, I wouldn’t have a shade for Winter because the color up has a very red undertone. I want to try more shades, but Golden Brown is on point right now.

The NARS powder caters to women of all races, but is very selfish with their darker colors. The colors I viewed in Sephora were only like 6 or 7 shades. Mine was in the middle, then there were 3 extremely lighter shades and 3 darker shades (the shade after mine was actually the same color, but in a red undertone (which automatically classifies it as darker). There was no real cocoa colored palette, smh.

7) Both the Ruby Kisses and NARS powders go on silky smooth. This is the main reason they both got my purchase.

Ruby Kisses Golden brown on left. NARS Tahoe on right

8) They both protect my skin underneath, which is most important. The NARS doesn’t fight acne, but it does contain SPF 12 in the shade I wear and up. The Ruby Kisses is basically an acne fighting powder, but you have to wear your own spf underneath. I always wear my own spf under all makeup, regardless.

Cost: The NARS Powder retails for around $50. The Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes reatils for $5.99.

Where to Buy: Ruby Kisses can be found at local beauty supply stores. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen their brand. You may also be able to find it online for a rip-off price.

NARS can be bought at a Sephora store, either their online store or actual store. It can also be found just about everywhere online.

I would highly recommend buying makeup in person, unless it is your staple brand and shade.

Anyway, I just thought I should share this awesome find. You’re definitely getting more, quality-wise than what you’re paying  for with Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes line. I was impressed and shocked.

If you see it in your local beauty supply, try it, then comment below and let me know your thoughts 🙂




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