1) Low Maintenance: I braid my hair up every night anyway. I don’t like pineapples/ sleeping with loose hair. In the morning all I have to do is un-braid my hair

2) Cost efficient: I use less product than with wash n go’s

3) Health maintenance: able to maintain the health better in a stretched style. I get to monitor things like split ends easier

4) Combats shrinkage: Self explanatory. I am not one of those naturals that’s going to lie and say I love/embrace shrinkage. I don’t :/

5) Self security: All of my life I’ve been told I have “good hair”. I know that is an ignorant phrase to describe hair, but I kind of embraced and flourished off the compliment. That is until one day I felt offended by a former manager. (I told this story in my “Natural Story” post under the “Journals” section of this blog).

While I was transitioning, all I did was braid-outs. One day at work a customer described me to my manager as the “girl with the curly hair”. My manager then came to me and said she had no clue who the customer was describing because my hair wasn’t curly; it was a braidout.

I told her yes it is a braidout, but I do naturally have curly hair. I explained that I didn’t have my first perm until 13. She looked at me as though she didn’t believe my hair could be a looser texture.It was apparent she had never been exposed to people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Ever since her ignorant assumption I’ve felt the need to prove a point.

I made a conscious decision to big chop that summer and rock my natural curls. I vowed to stay away from braid outs/twistouts or anything that altered my natural curl pattern, so that my hair would no longer be questionable.

When I big chopped, I felt as though I had returned to what I was praised for as a child. Honestly, I prospered over the fact that my curl pattern stood out. I liked the compliments I got when I did wash and go’s.

Now that I’ve been natural for some years and have big chopped more than once, I’ve become less self conscious, more free and confident. I do what benefits my well-being.

I still prefer my natural curl pattern above all, and I still believe in co-washing more than once a week, but when it comes to the above reasons listed, braid outs and twistouts are definitely helpful.

I apologize for knocking anyone who constantly does them by saying they’re trying to imitate a looser curl pattern. That was a lash out from me being tired of my  curl pattern being rudely questioned.  I see now how much stretched hair styles help with manageability


Natural Un-manipulated texture:

ncp1 ncp2




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