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NW43??? Summer Fling With MAC

color in average non-artificial lighting
color in no lighting (see the reddish, orangish undertone)


Decided to purchase MAC Studio Fix, because I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. Twenty -seven dollars for a compact? In New York?

My NARS powder I got from Sephora cost $50 in Times Square ($45 online), so I was very impressed with MAC’s prices.

I don’t wear foundation that much in the summer, but my cousin went to MAC to get some for herself, and as I said, I just couldn’t help myself.

Now my Winter shade in Sephora is Tahoe. Tahoe has a yellow, and faint pinkish undertone. It matches my skin perfectly in the Winter. Here is a link: The color is described as “med/dark with caramel undetones”.

However, in the summer, it is a little too light. I can easily blend it and still wear it, but my biggest pet peeve is seeing women wearing “too light foundation”..even a tin-git too light.

I researched the equivalent color of Tahoe to MAC’s shades, and a not so reliable online source stated it was an NC43.

I had never in my life saw an NC43, so I took that answer with a grain of salt.

I told the MUA in MAC what I was told the equivalent to Tahoe is. She immediately looked at my skin and said, “No. NW43 maybe. You have combination undertone. You have reds and yellows in your skin, so your best bet is going with an NW shade.”

NO! I didn’t want to be NW. My Tahoe is definitely a yellow based powder, and the NW MAC compacts looked red clayish.


She told me my undertone will appear more red in the summer and more yellow in the winter. She was so right. My skintone is extremely warm, and I’ve always noticed one undertone being more dominant, depending on the weather/season.

I opened the NC43 and it was way too light. Like an olive person’s skin tone. That online source was so wrong!


NC45 was too dark.

She told me I looked like an NW43. I was still not happy about getting a red based powder, but I agreed to try it on.

She also brought a C7 powder, for me to try (I have no clue what that stands for).

She applied the C7 to the left side of my face, and the NW43 to the right side, and as clear as daylight, the NW43 was a perfect match. The C7 was ok, but not like the NW43.

I bought it, but still didn’t feel confident, especially knowing I have combination undertone, and that I was going to have to switch powders every season, and not just switch shades, but switch brands.

MAC probably doesn’t have my Winter shade in the studio fix. An NC43 would still be way too light in the Winter, and an NW43 would be too red based, since my yellow undertones protrude when it gets cold out.

I actually love the finish of this studio fix compact. I also obviously love the price.

This NW43 compact will probably last me forever since I only wear a thin layer, and can only wear it in the summer and summer is almost over.

Just felt like venting about my high maintenance, combination skin (lol).


She isn’t an NW43

Neither is she

The only person I could find that seems to be a true NW43



Day 3: Good Morning Crooklyn. Last Day in NYC.


Today is my last day in NY. My flight back to Atlanta is scheduled for noon tomorrow.

I don’t know what I’m doing today. My cousin will be at work all day, and i have to either figure out NY solo, or starve.

I’m on my way to attempt riding the train to 42nd st, Manhattan to get lunch, do some site seeing, picture taking, and maybe text my guy friend I met.

Hopefully I get to hang out with him if he gets off work early.

Not ready to leave, but ready to get back to Atlanta to my own bed, and working toward pursuing my goals.

NY and Emirates were just the first step.

I’ve jokingly said I am unavailable for three years (dating wise). Three years is the length of a flight attendant’s contract. I am honestly just focused on this one career move at the moment, and I don’t want anything, including my feelings getting in the way of that.

I am young, single, educated, no children, or ties at the moment. I am exploring life and loving it.

After-all, it’s hard to cuff a girl who wants to be flight attendant 😉


“You’re in love with something bigger than love.

You believe in something stronger than trust”

                                                             – Wanderlust.

Day 2: The Sheraton Manhattan. Interview with Emirates





Dust Yourself Off And Try Again




I didn’t grow up dreaming to be a flight attendant nor did I go to college with hopes of becoming one.

After all to be a flight attendant, one simply needs the passion, personality, customer service skills, and a high school diploma. Experience and degrees are perks.

I have all of the above. I believe I exceed the requirements also.

I started looking into be an FA after graduating college and figuring out myself better. I looked at the upsides and downsides of the job and still found myself being passionate about it.

I feel like even if I don’t get a base pay to do it, I still would. That’s when I knew.

I playfully applied to a sophisticated and highly rated airline, Emirates.

About a month later I received an email saying my application was short listed and I didn’t have to attend an open house day. I was bumped to the assessment day interview.

Excited I prepped night and day for the interview. I used every resource out there. The more research I did on the job, the more I wanted to become an FA.












Fast forward to Sunday, August 24th, 2014. Today is the day.


My interview began at 9am sharp at The Sheraton New York in Manhattan.



I rode the train from Brooklyn for an hour, having to transfer trains in between stops.

I couldn’t eat breakfast. My stomach was doing flips. I wasn’t nervous, but ready.

I felt extremely prepared. I had done tons of research, knew the airline, their policies, what they were looking for, their dress code, approved hair styles, everything verbatim.

I was the only girl in the room with a khaki blazer to imitate the Emirates khaki blazer. I also put my hair in a bun (1 of their 3 approved hairstyles), had French tip nails (again 1 of their 3 approved nail grooming options), dyed my hair one color, black (which never happens), etc.



I smiled the whole time, until it hurt, and still continued, as the author of the holy grail bible for flight attendants, Kiki Ward suggested.

I interacted with everyone around me, and actually naturally conversed with the other candidates.

We were all nervous, and basically felt the same way. I met 5 other people who flew in from Atlanta, which relaxed me a lot more, seeing a piece of “home”.

We basically had to fill out paperwork, then hand in our resumes, portraits, and invitation to the recruiter one by one. I totally was not expecting just 1 recruiter. I was hoping for a panel.

After that we watched videos of the airline, got a paper with information about our work schedule, pay, time manageability, life in Dubai, etc.

She then asked questions, I raised my hand and answered one.

She then looked at me and looked around the room and started speaking about the Emirates reach test, and how we had to be able to reach 6’9, 212cm on bare feet because their aircrafts are one of the largest.

I kept looking at her smiling. She kept emphasing that if we know we can’t reach this, then it’s best to get up and leave now. I comfortably kept my 5’2 stature seated and continued looking at her smiling. None of the other shorter girls got up to leave, and she wasn’t going to break me.

I practiced the reach test at home tons of times before coming. I marked 212cm off on my wall and thank God for long arms and swimming lessons from 6-12yrs old that I’m able to stretch my arms and torso farther than average.

I patiently waited to take the reach test. I wasn’t nervous.

She then decided we weren’t going to take the reach test until after eliminations.

She told us to go on break for an hour and she will match our resumes with our pictures and appearance today.

Anyone with mini skirts, tight skirts, stiletto 5 inch heels, jeans, visible tattoos and piercings, etc would be eliminated.

Again I felt very confident. I had come prepared. My resume and picture were the least of my worries.

My resume was formatted to mimic a flight attendant’s resume, except with my information, skills, awards, etc on there.

I have the personality, experience, and requirements needed to be the perfect match for the position. I’ve been flying since I was 2 as an unaccompanied minor, I have dual citizenship, I’m used to moving, being the new girl, adapting to new cultures and people; I’ve worked in Public Relations. I have a degree in Communications, all of my other jobs have been in customer service. I’m artsy, I like to blog, travel. I’m extremely empathetic, intuitive, analytical (all great for understanding the needs of others). I was a member of the Children Youth Red Cross when I was younger. I have welcoming eyes, nice teeth and smile, quiet confidence, team-oriented. Why wouldn’t she pick me?

After an hour on break, having genuine fun hanging out with the other candidates, we nervously rushed to the wall where 4 pages were pinned. The four pages had around 20 names and only around 7 on each page were highlighted.

We made a single line to check to see if our name was highlighted.

The people who already checked either had big smiles and ran into the room where the ones that made it had to go, or walked past the line of us waiting to view our name, crying/ sad that they didn’t make it.

I started praying as I waited in line and saw the different emotions from the people ahead of me.

I told God that I wouldn’t be angry. If my name isn’t highlighted, then that means he’s trying to tell me that Emirates isn’t the airline for me, and I wouldn’t dare question him, just continue to keep it moving. After all, there was nothing I think I could’ve done better. I gave it my all.

I got to the wall and looked on all of the pages. My sight felt hysterical and blurry.

At first I could even find the paper I signed my name on. I calmed myself down, took a deep breath and searched from the last page to the first page, because I knew I had signed my name on the first page since I was one of the firsts to arrive.

I searched the first page last and found my name. It wasn’t highlighted. I checked again and turned to two of the people I was hanging out with; a Russian girl and another girl from Atlanta. They had both made it and they felt I was cheated.

I simply hugged them big and wished them the best.

I called my cousin and told her my journey for this airline had ended and asked for directions back to the apartment.

I had never ridden the subway alone in New York, but I was sort of zoned out and just wanted to get bk as fast as I could.

I didn’t even take off my heels. I exited the Sheraton, and took off into the busy streets looking for the train station.

I didn’t sit once on the train ride back. I stood against the pole, still zoned out, thinking about what had just happened.

Everyone on the train and on the streets were staring at me with my popping red lips, a big, low, donut bun, scarf and heels.

This one Italian guy on the street asked if I was an Emirates flight attendant. I in-genuinely smiled and said no.

I got home and had to explain to a lot of people, which I ignored until I came to terms with the situation myself.

Later that night I cried for a mere 3 minutes, dried my eyes and felt re-energized.

I reminded myself that this is a “dust yourself off and try again” industry.

It is an audition type of job. Flight attendants are DEFINITELY not just waitresses in the sky.

This job requires you to be able to save lives. Your coworkers and yourself are the only ones in the air that people have to depend on if something goes wrong with the aircraft.



There are many steps to earning your wings. It isn’t the typical 1 interview/ 1 step job. After auditing you still have to go through training for a number of weeks, take around 26 safety, emergency, medical, airport and city codes, military time, etc exams and score a 90 and above on all to pass.

It’s a lot of work for many people, but if it’s something you really want to do and know it fits you perfectly, then it wouldn’t bother you.

I’ll be back in Atlanta Wednesday morning. I have another audition on September 3rd, and also applying to more airlines.

I still mark this first audition a success. It was a learning experience.

I appreciate everyone who supports me, and even the ones who don’t.

I have a friend or two that have turned their noses up at the fact that I have a degree, yet want to be a flight attendant.

I’ve also come across people in the industry that haven’t responded to referring me, but all I need are my skills, God and the support of family, which I’ve attained.

I’m excited that I know exactly what I want to do for now and proud of myself for hustling for it. I have to really be moved by something for prissy me to to “hustle” lol 🙂

I wish the girls who make it to the very end the best! My only regret is not exchanging numbers. The situation really forces you to unexpectedly bond with other candidates in a short period of time.

We are all working at the same goal. To get those shiny wings.

Your office view is the world! 🌎 Imagine that ❤️

Blogger in Brooklyn: Day 1


Just got to NYC earlier today. First time staying in Brooklyn. Feels like I’m in the local downtown of a Caribbean island to be honest.
Crown Heights is set up weirdly. It’s considered the hood. Crown heights is filled with immigrants.

Everyone in Crown Heights has a Caribbean accent. Around the corner (still in Crown Heights) there is the Jewish community with large mansions.

Real life Jewish men walk the streets in black and white conservative attire on a casual day with large brimmed fedoras and a full, trademark beard. Like a t.v show for real lol.

Everything you could ever need in Brooklyn is in walking distance.

I’ve never seen so many Caribbean restaurants and beauty supply stores on the same stretch before.

Caribbean flags dominate any other decoration. Trini flags, Jamaican ones, Guyanese ones, Haitian ones, St. Vincent, Puerto Rican ones, etc parading in the wind attached to vehicles.

I had a roti at Ally’s on Utica and drank homemade sorrel. Tomorrow I’m going back for pholourie and more sorrel.

Tonight I might be going to a Guyanese BBQ. Hopefully my phone doesn’t die so I can continue to blueprint my adventures.

Looks like I’m here a weekend too early. Next weekend is Labor Day in Brooklyn, which means it’s gonna heightened times two.

Oh. I’m here for 4 days.

Tomorrow morning at 9p.m I have my first flight attendant audition with Emirates.

I call it an audition because..

..well stay tuned for day 2. I’ll explain.


Guyanese BBQ in Queens



Whenever someone from NY says we’re going to a BBQ (Korean BBQ, or any other ethnicity’s BBQ) translate that to block party.

The invite is also non inclusive. Last night at the Guyanese BBQ, everyone from young adults, moms, dads, grandparents, & children with no bedtime were at this block party.

The food was basically a hefty variation of what Caribbean people typically cook: macaroni pie, potato salad, stewed chicken, jerk chicken,stewed beef, oxtail, roti, yellow rice, curry, plantains, etc; lots of liquor, soca/dancehall music/ east coast hip hop (eg: biggie, Jay-z).

No one was shy about dancing. I have grandmas/ grandpas recorded that we’re getting down to the music.

If you’re not dancing you’re labeled “stiff”. No one wants to be labeled “stiff”. I didn’t care though. I acted too cute to get raunchy per usual.

Oh. I met a cutie there; a light-skinned, Guyanese, baby faced, cutie, on the edgy side, but looks “too cute to be a rough neck” kind of guy that you don’t usually date or take home to dad, but you have fun with short term, because he’s cute and treats you like you’re 10x more intelligent than you are. Yea, those are my standards when I’m NOT looking 😏

I’ve playfully saved him in my phone as “Brooklyn Bae”. Oh gosh, when did I start embracing that

I’m probably going to keep my promise and text him to hang out before I leave Wednesday.

Having a ball with life. You’ll die taking it too seriously. Maybe it’s an age phase thing, who knows.

Lost My Virginity Today at “The Brow Nook”

photo 2 Today I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time! Agh! 🙂 I love them!

I found a girly little spot located on Forsyth Street downtown Atlanta, tucked around the corner of Quiznos and the U.S post office.

The location is extremely convenient to people who work in the heart of downtown and Georgia State students (1 min from Aderhold). There are countless restaurants nearby, the Five Points transit station, etc.

The name of the place is called The Brow Nook and the interior design will draw any girly girl in. The walls, furniture and rug are different shades of pink, with black lining. I believe there is some pink and black zebra pattern around the mirrors, soft, white comfortable chairs; it’s just beautiful.

I wanted to take pictures of the inside, but forgot, and was too scared to go back and just start snapping.

photo 1

The setting reminded me of something you would see in the movie “Legally Blonde”; proof that looking past the begging bums and stench of downtown, there are hidden treasures.

I paid $9. That is their standard cost for eyebrow threading.

She threaded my eyebrows in literally less than 5 minutes. I was blown away, especially because my eyebrows were unshapely, thick, and needed a lot of work, since I rarely get my brows professionally done, and I had been growing them out for weeks.

She simply made the remark “Long time huh?” lol.

When she was done I asked if she could thread my whole face, but she told me I didn’t need it, and that only East Indian people who are hairy like herself ever come to get that done.

I laughed, thinking to myself, “I am hairy. I’m Trini. Half of my ancestors are YOUR PEOPLE.” LOL.

Anyway, below are the results on a naked face. I plan on being a hooked and faithful customer.

I hope that next time my eyebrows are sculpted even better, eventually until they match almost perfectly!

I know eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, but you can manipulate them into being twins, right?

I am now obsessed with eyebrows!

photo 4
Naked face. No eyebrow filling/lining.

photo 3photo 5



Less Wine(ing) More Yoga :)


One thing a Libra woman loves more than fancy wine is balance.


I live for balance in all aspects of my life. Lately I’ve been able to bring some of that balance into my lifestyle with little manipulation and ease.


I tried yoga for the first time a week ago (how and why am I just trying this) after reading about its countless benefits, and I must say that I’ve found my niche.


I also work out (dumbbells, cardio, etc.), but let me tell you, this is a different kind of workout. It’s more cognitive. Not only does it benefit your body,but also your mind and soul.

I didn’t know there is a special way that one is supposed to breathe. The exercise teaches you how to breathe and balance your internal self by performing poses in counteractive positions.

The first time it took a bit of effort from me. The poses felt a little uncomfortable because my body was not use to bending and stretching like that, but the more I do it, the better I’m getting.


There are tons of different types of yoga. My preferences are the ones that target enhancing mental clarity, energy, and combating anxiety (which I have).

My favorite pose is the fetal position/ child pose. It is very comforting for me, and I can stay in that position all day!


I would love to research yoga positions to soothe menstrual cramps also, as mine are devious. Like literally, there is this little devil that appears in my stomach at a certain time every month and maliciously stomps on my uterus for hours until he feel like stopping (lol).

I currently use YouTube as my source for Yoga, but I would love to take a couple of live classes from time to time.

Duping Until December. I Shattered my $50 Face Powder >_<


I am so pissed. Just two weeks before a big job interview, I dropped my favorite makeup compact.

I bought the NARS powder at the Sephora in Times Square this past Thanksgiving and fell in love.

I know very little about makeup (I’m a late bloomer), but when the MUA swiped the brush unto my face with this shade, I had to purchase by all means.

Because I rarely wear makeup and I have oily skin,  I chose something with a light-medium coverage that was preferably a powder. I knew it was going to last me at least a year, since I prefer to wear my bare skin in the summer. Wearing my bare skin in the summer is also a perk for not having to buy a summer shade, since we get darker during that time of the year.

Anyway, this NARS powder is my baby! I wear it on my face with nothing else. I don’t highlight, contour (except for my nose), any of that. Now that I wasted all of it on the floor, I decided to opp for something cheaper for my job interviews until Winter.

I came across Ruby Kisses (No More Blemishes) Powder in the shade Golden Brown at a beauty supply store. First off, I gave up on drugstore makeup. It breaks me out, and just looks cheap to me, the packaging is ugly, etc. Ullgh 😛

So the shade of this particular makeup seemed so familiar. I broke the seal (lol), felt the texture, swiped-sampled it on my hand, and the quality felt expensive, considering it was only 5.99. The advertisement poster above the rack also stated that this makeup contained acne medication (salycylic acid) to prevent breakouts.

For 5.99 I thought why not; I don’t have much too lose. So I bought the compact, applied it to my face and it was an instant match.

photo 2I compared it to my NARS powder, which is in the shade Tahoe, and these are the similarities/differences I came across:

1) The NARS Powder has a way better/ modern packaging. It has a large mirror, sponge and the case is hard rubber. The Ruby Kisses is in a typical round, hard case, which seems like it may crack easily, has a basic sponge and is an ugly shade of blue, with writing that seems like it will fade fast.

2) The NARS undertone makes the color faintly lighter than the Ruby Kisses powder. I had already assumed this because I’m darker in the summer, and the golden brown matched my summer skin upon first application.

3) NARS Tahoe is an NC (Neutral Cool) shade, which neutralizes the skin of people with yellow, warm golden undertones.The shade Tahoe looks yellowish under lighting, but has some very light off-pink undertones. It’s weird. However it matches my skin perfectly. I have very warm skin that tans easily. like most Caribbean people/ people who’s ancestors live near the equator. My medium complexion has a mixture of yellow and berry undertones.  If the weather gets too hot or too cold, the berry tones protrude .

My skin in natural lighting without any makeup
Nars Powder (Tahoe)

On the other hand, the Ruby Kisses Golden Brown doesn’t have those faint, pink undertones to neutralize the yellow. Although both compacts look alike in shade, the Golden Brown has more of a dull, greyish undertone to me. I think this may be the difference between cheap and expensive makeup. The undertone mimicks the skin’s natural undertone better. If the makeup’s undertone is off, it will look greyish on the skin when it oxidizes.

Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes (Golden Brown)

Thankfully, this particular line of the Ruby Kisses powder does not oxidize. I wore it all of yesterday and my face didn’t look grey at the end of the day.

4) Both the Ruby Kisses and NARS powder are medium coverage. NARS being a tin-git lighter coverage.

5) They contain around the same amount of product.

6) The Ruby Kisses Powder caters to women of color only. I like this a lot, but most of their shades seem to have a brick red/orange undertone. For example, the only two yellow toned powders I could find in the line were Golden Brown and Golden Glow. Golden Glow was the lightest color out of the whole line, so I decided not to go with that and get Golden Brown. However, I feel as though if I was to make this my staple, I wouldn’t have a shade for Winter because the color up has a very red undertone. I want to try more shades, but Golden Brown is on point right now.

The NARS powder caters to women of all races, but is very selfish with their darker colors. The colors I viewed in Sephora were only like 6 or 7 shades. Mine was in the middle, then there were 3 extremely lighter shades and 3 darker shades (the shade after mine was actually the same color, but in a red undertone (which automatically classifies it as darker). There was no real cocoa colored palette, smh.

7) Both the Ruby Kisses and NARS powders go on silky smooth. This is the main reason they both got my purchase.

Ruby Kisses Golden brown on left. NARS Tahoe on right

8) They both protect my skin underneath, which is most important. The NARS doesn’t fight acne, but it does contain SPF 12 in the shade I wear and up. The Ruby Kisses is basically an acne fighting powder, but you have to wear your own spf underneath. I always wear my own spf under all makeup, regardless.

Cost: The NARS Powder retails for around $50. The Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes reatils for $5.99.

Where to Buy: Ruby Kisses can be found at local beauty supply stores. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen their brand. You may also be able to find it online for a rip-off price.

NARS can be bought at a Sephora store, either their online store or actual store. It can also be found just about everywhere online.

I would highly recommend buying makeup in person, unless it is your staple brand and shade.

Anyway, I just thought I should share this awesome find. You’re definitely getting more, quality-wise than what you’re paying  for with Ruby Kisses No More Blemishes line. I was impressed and shocked.

If you see it in your local beauty supply, try it, then comment below and let me know your thoughts 🙂





1) Low Maintenance: I braid my hair up every night anyway. I don’t like pineapples/ sleeping with loose hair. In the morning all I have to do is un-braid my hair

2) Cost efficient: I use less product than with wash n go’s

3) Health maintenance: able to maintain the health better in a stretched style. I get to monitor things like split ends easier

4) Combats shrinkage: Self explanatory. I am not one of those naturals that’s going to lie and say I love/embrace shrinkage. I don’t :/

5) Self security: All of my life I’ve been told I have “good hair”. I know that is an ignorant phrase to describe hair, but I kind of embraced and flourished off the compliment. That is until one day I felt offended by a former manager. (I told this story in my “Natural Story” post under the “Journals” section of this blog).

While I was transitioning, all I did was braid-outs. One day at work a customer described me to my manager as the “girl with the curly hair”. My manager then came to me and said she had no clue who the customer was describing because my hair wasn’t curly; it was a braidout.

I told her yes it is a braidout, but I do naturally have curly hair. I explained that I didn’t have my first perm until 13. She looked at me as though she didn’t believe my hair could be a looser texture.It was apparent she had never been exposed to people from different ethnic backgrounds.

Ever since her ignorant assumption I’ve felt the need to prove a point.

I made a conscious decision to big chop that summer and rock my natural curls. I vowed to stay away from braid outs/twistouts or anything that altered my natural curl pattern, so that my hair would no longer be questionable.

When I big chopped, I felt as though I had returned to what I was praised for as a child. Honestly, I prospered over the fact that my curl pattern stood out. I liked the compliments I got when I did wash and go’s.

Now that I’ve been natural for some years and have big chopped more than once, I’ve become less self conscious, more free and confident. I do what benefits my well-being.

I still prefer my natural curl pattern above all, and I still believe in co-washing more than once a week, but when it comes to the above reasons listed, braid outs and twistouts are definitely helpful.

I apologize for knocking anyone who constantly does them by saying they’re trying to imitate a looser curl pattern. That was a lash out from me being tired of my  curl pattern being rudely questioned.  I see now how much stretched hair styles help with manageability


Natural Un-manipulated texture:

ncp1 ncp2