I Love my Chromebook 11


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Talk about blogging on the go!

I searched high and low for a white ultra thin notebook on a budget, and nothing but the chromebook kept appearing.

I was at first turned off by the fact that it does not have Microsoft Office etc, but there are substitutes.

I decided to give this very reasonable, but impressive machine a shot. After all, the retail price is only about $269 compared to an $800+ Mac-book Air.

The only brand I could find that carries white chromebooks are HP. They also have Toshiba Samsung, and Acer and I think Asus chromebooks, but none looked as sleek as the HP, nor did they have white.

My main focus was white and ultra thin! (I’m such a girl 💅 lol).

Finally I came across a deal for a white, 2 pound, everything I was looking for, brand new  chromebook for BELOW the retail price (whoot whoot, pro shopper skills ☺️)

I immediately bought it, and within 3 business days it was here, and looked exactly like it did online 😁

This chromebook is my new baby. My core purpose for her is blogging, mainly because this thing is as light as a writing pad. Actually it is lighter than my iPad.

I’m typing this post on her right now. Her white exterior matches my robe and coordinates with my Starbucks cup.

This purchase was definitely a steal!

—Below I will tell you why I love my chromebook and a few things that I feel can be improved.

I just received her yesterday, so I haven’t had a vast amount of time to form a thorough opinion. However I did a lot of research in advance.

If anything changes, I will update the post and re-title it as so.


Speedy Gonzales:  this thing powers up super fast and connects to the internet just as fast.

-Takes you straight to Google: I love Google. I Google everything. The fact that I don’t have to type in google.com is great. Google is automatically set as your homepage forever. No more competing websites like Ask Jeeves/ Yahoo, unless you manually type it into your browser

-Automatic updates: You don’t have to manually update anything on this notebook. It updates and downloads all of the latest versions for you. You don’t even have to click accept. It never asks you. That’s amazing to me because i’m lazy lol.

-Looks expensive: It’s sleek, thin, has a professional design, with plush keys on the keyboard that isn’t noisy.

-Stores everything online via cloud storage: Great because you rarely ever lose work; bad because you can run out of storage space, but you can store on a usb. I hate my desktop being crammed with documents anyway.

Option to swipe back and forth to previous pages instead of hitting the back button

-Portable/Lightweight: even fits in large purses 🙂 (Imagine an ipad with a keyboard attached; a little longer in length, but thinner!)

-Small, portable, phone sized charger

-Remains charged w/o power chord for 3-4 hours


Suggested improvements:

– The webcam sucks: Horrible lighting, but I never use that anyway

– No skype: Again, I never use that anyway. Facetime.

No cd/dvd drive: Lol again, I don’t use those. I’m an online kind of girl

-No iTunes: You have to covert all your music to GooglePlay. I don’t care for itunes being on my computer. I only use it to sync music, and I can do the same with Google Play. Everything else concerning iTunes I do from my phone.

-No caps lock: Simply press Shift and the letter you want to capitalize at the same time

-No Microsoft office: there are substitutes, although not as updated/ good as MS

-The touchpad is a bit irritating: It takes some getting used to. To right click you have to tap to the right with TWO fingers (your index and middle), it won’t work any other way

Overall. If you are a blogger, amateur journalist, or spend 90+ % of your time online when using a computer, this is a great investment! 

I haven’t yet checked out the editing software, but I heard it’s great. Will see. 


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