Blogger Back :)


I know I haven’t blogged via WordPress in a while, but I’ve been busy.

I know that’s seems like a pretty abrupt and cliche excuse, but my family has been back and forth in town visiting lately, I’ve been preparing to get myself ready to take all of these praxis and area exams to get my teacher’s certification license by December, and I’ve also  been planning a big move, which I don’t plan on announcing until the time comes near (like the week/day before near) lol.

However, I have been updating my Facebook hair page almost daily, and uploading videos to Vimeo. I have more reviews coming soon, and I promise to blog more often. You will definitely see more blogging from me concerning my move. I plan on recording the whole adventure.

This year is ending well (fingers crossed). This will be the second year in a row, if things go as planned, that December will prove itself my month for new endeavors.

Be patient with me. I’m still here 🙂

Peace, love and sunflowers.


PS: (I got a new Chromebook yesterday. I love it. See next post)


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