How To: Not Break Out While Using Biotin


The picture above is of a foundation-less face, no concealer, nada.

First let me say, I do not naturally have perfect skin by far (thanks daddy 😒), but I have always lusted over people with tiny pores and buttery complexions.

It looks so beautiful and youthful compared to a face full of makeup which seems to age one’s face tremendously in my opinion, after continuous wear; plus I am lazy. I want to wake up, wash my face, apply moisturizer, do my eyebrows (just learning :))  and go! That is my routine most days.

I have normal-oily skin for the most part and avoid foundation as much as I could, especially in the summer. I wear a light coverage powder by NARS occasionally, with SPF 12 which I absolutely adore because it is so natural!

However I do not like wearing ANYTHING on my face except spf in the summer, and a few dots of concealer under my eyebrows.

I hate concealing my eye area. I call it panda eyes. I also hate too light concealers. Why girl!? 😕😖 Why not just fix the issue?

Anyway, on to biotin. In the past my skin rejected Biotin. I only took 1000mcg and still broke out.

After realizing hair growth pills all contain that one ingredient, I decided to research ways to limit breakouts.

The two most important things one should remember is to take a multi vitamin with Biotin everyday, and drinks LOTS of water in comparison to one’s weight.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but my skin has been dewy, much clearer and smoother!

I take 5000mcg of biotin and I have no breakouts, except for 1 pimple that may try to emerge around that time of the month, but I usually stop it from prospering.

Below is my skincare routine.

1) I wash my face with  organic cleansers. I use Dr. Bronners Castile peppermint soap or honey & gracefully scrub with exfoliating gloves 

2) I spray my face with rice water as my toner. Amazing! Youth juice! Asians have been using it forever. I’m never using conventional toners again after discovering this

3) if there seems to be a potential pimple, I dab a thin layer of acne med on the area

4) Before bed I moisturize with  a thin layer of any organic oil over my toner. In the day I moisturize with aveeno spf 55 sunscreen. I damaged my skin badly as a kid laying out glaring into the sun for hours in the Caribbean and  Los Angeles deadly summers. Yes, black ppl should wear sunscreen! 

5) I take a multi vitamin ( highly recommended) 

6) I do a purification face mask, either store bought or homemade on Saturdays (Optional)

7) I drink three 16 ounce cups of water a day (6 cups). Aiming for 8

8) I work out mon-wed. Helps with circulation. Poor circulation equals pale or dull, grayish skin.

9) I love fruit juices, and raw fruit, so I get lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C is amazing for skin and gives it a citrus burst of energy and youthful glow. Power C gummies are also amazing, but I rather get my Vitamin C from natural sources.

This is all I do. Remember, LOTS of water and a multi vitamin when taking Biotin are the most important two.


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