Steaming With Garlic/Onion Oil for Hair Growth




Disclaimer!: THIS WORKS, BUT DO NOT LEAVE IT ON YOUR HAIR LONGER THAN 30 mins- 1hr. IT GAVE ME AN EXCRUCIATING MIGRAINE AND MY VISION BECAME FUZZY.  Remember it causes blood to actively circulate your scalp. Leaving it on too long can cause over circulation, and that near the brain can be dangerous. 20140527-091422-33262517.jpg

Not trying to be stereotypical or label people , but every time I see a darker skinned person with long, voluminous, kinky, awesome hair, I think “Haitian”.

Haitians have been marked popular in the natural hair community for their odd, but amazing natural hair remedies, which explains their lovely mane.

One of their hair growth remedies besides huile d’mascreti (castor oil) and moelle de boeuf (bone marrow) is rubbing onion juice/onion oil on scalp (see video below).

Garlic works the same way, but also helps with shedding.

What you’ll need:
1 clove garlic/ onion
1/4 cup (4 tbsp) olive oil

-Chop garlic/onion up and apply to container.
-Add the olive oil
-warm up the mixture (not too hot to burn your scalp).
Only make a small amount, because it is best to use a fresh batch each time.

-Part hair and apply all over scalp and ends of hair
-Cover hair with plastic cap and leave on for an hour or less (read disclaimer)! Or you can sit under a hooded dryer for 15 mins
– Co wash or shampoo after. I am doing this every time I co wash.

Some people apply this to their hair every night and do not wash it out in the morning. They claim if you just apply it to your scalp, there is no scent after a few hours, but I am funny about smells, so I would not leave this in personally.  Also as I said, I kept it in for about 2 hrs by mistake and it gave me an excruciating migraine, plus blurry vision. I had to sleep away the pain; it was so bad.


Too much of a good thing can be bad.


-treats balding
-helps eliminate shedding
-contains allicin which stimulates/tingles the scalp to increase circulation
-provides salon shine
-removes toxins from the scalp. Healthy scalp equals hair growth.
-contains high amounts of sulphur a.k.a “the beauty mineral”. Hair, skin and nails are naturally made up of sulphur. Sulphur aids with lengthening the hair’s growth phase.


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