Torn: Battle of the Shea Moisture Leave-Ins



In a perfect world, shea Moisture would make a product the same size and fragrance as its cur enhancing smoothie, with the consistency of their style milk for girls like me…but that would be selfish.

I knew this was going to happen. I love both!

Shea Moisture Smoothie: thicker consistency, conditions my hair better, can be used in the Winter too, contains 12 oz for $9.99 vs Shea Moisture Milk’s 8 oz for the same price, smells like pina colada.

Shea Moisture Milk: more water based, thinner consistency, defines my hair better, conditions, can probably only be used by itself in the summer, but too thin for the winter, smells like coconut and hibiscus (I love coconut), same price as smoothie, tones my frizz down a lot!

The Shea Moisture Milk defines my hair better and gives it that “pillow soft” feel I love. When I apply it to my hair as a leave in after washing with nothing else, it feels amazing! I don’t even need gel, because it combats frizz. I love it for carefree days, and I absolutely love the fact that it’s lightweight and I don’t have to layer it.

My decision: I am definitely still rooting for my staple (Shea Moisture Smoothie), but may have to only use it in the winter/ when my hair is super dry, or to do styles like braid outs, etc. with it. I will be using the milk for other times of the year.

I knew my hair was going to prefer the consistency of the milk over the smoothie, because of the video below. My hair texture has always preferred more water based products as opposed to heavier butters.

Below is a video I found on YouTube that perfectly describes why my hair type prefers water-based products.




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