Why I Prefer Gelos Over Gels


III Sisters of Nature Gelo (8oz) – $9.99
Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel- $1.29

Yes, hair gelos, custards and jellies are about three times more expensive than regular gel, but these are a few reasons why I prefer them:

1) Protein free: Almost every single gel contains protein. I actually went to the beauty supply store looking for a protein-free gel with NO luck. I have low porosity hair, so too much protein makes my hair hard. Most gelos, jellies and custards are protein free.

2) Light weight consistency: gels are too sticky and thick for my liking, whereas gelos, jellies and custards are more runny and glides on my hair better.

3) More moisturizing: they usually contain better ingredients than gel, so they provide some moisture. Even alcohol free gel will dry your hair out if you don’t use some type of moisturizer below or oil.

4) Less crunch/stiffness- gelos, jellies and custards are lightweight as stated, so they create less stiffness than gels. Although in my opinion that doesn’t hold true for brands such as Beautiful Textures Custard and Kinky Curly Custard. I like III Sister’s of Nature Gelo because it defines exactly like every gel/ gelo I’ve tried without the heaviness or stiffness.. and I’ve tried lots.

5) Better second day hair (see reason #4)

6) Better ingredients This particular Gelo is all organic. I will list the ingredients below.

7) A little goes a long way as the consistency is so much thinner and can be distributed easier to hair. I rarely section my hair when applying gelos.

8) They allow for better movement of hair. I like fluffier hair as opposed to ramen noodle stiff curls, so if you’re the same way, you’ll prefer gelos over gels. Although this particular Gelo super defines my wet hair, but unlike gel causes curls to dry lightweight. You don’t have to do a lot of manual fluffing, if any at all.

9) Provides great slip.

III Sister’s of Nature Ingredients:




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