Protective Styling With Hats. The Same Concept As Wigs

Disclaimer: this will be convenient mostly for weekend errands or for college students during the week. If you work a corporate job Mon-Fri, then the former may suit your lifestyle.

I’m not a wig, sew-in weave, braids, or in general any protective hair style kind of girl.

I have a sensitive scalp and on top of that my styles do not last long.

I honestly don’t see how people go a week (+) without wetting/washing their hair. My scalp would become inflamed.

I co wash three times a week and even more in the summer.

This week as I await my Nubian Heritage serum to arrive in the mail, I’ve been putting off co washing my hair.

It has also been a lazy week for me. I just didn’t get the urge to style my hair, so I opted for hats.

I love hats. I own a pair in many different styles.

However, the material lining of hats can be damaging to hair due to friction.

I decided to protect my hair with a satin beanie that I got from the beauty supply store under my hat. The satin beanie looks just like a wig cap lol.

That’s when I realized the concept of wearing a hat to protect your hair is like the equivalent of wearing a wig.

For the past 4 days that I haven’t co-washed, I’ve been doing the following:

1) spritzing a little water on my palm and rubbing unto hair ( I didn’t want my hair too damp)

2) sectioning my hair in 5-6 sections and applying a small amount of melted shea butter to each section, and castor oil on my hairline only.

3) twisting each section, then pinning my twisted hair down with bobby pins


4) I then put on my satin beanie scarf


5) Put my hat over my satin beanie scarf, finished getting dressed as usual, and I was good to go.



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