DIY: Shredded, Tie Dye Screen-Printed Tee


Like this T-Shirt? Wanna know how to make your own?Below are step by step instructions. Let’s get started!





1) First get a plain white or light-colored t-shirt of any style

2) Tie dye shirt. If you don’t know how to tie dye, here’s how to:

3) After t-shirt is tie dyed, washed and dried, place it on a flat surface and prepare to shred it. I did vertical shredding at the bottom of mine. There are tons of other patterns to choose from when shredding shirts. All you are going to need is a pair of sharp scissors. Here’s how to do a shredded fringe pattern:

4) Find an image of your choice in Google search. Any image your heart desires

5) Copy and paste image in word and print on transfer paper (not regular printing paper), following the directions. I used Avery Transfer paper for dark fabrics, but the one for light fabrics can also be used if your tie dye didn’t make your shirt dark. I could have used light transfer paper, but I didn’t have any. Light transfer paper is cheaper ($6-$8) for a packet of 6 sheets. Dark fabric paper is around ($11-$20) for 6 sheets. These can be purchased at Michaels, Walmart, Office Depot, Ebay, Amazon,Target; Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid may have them.

6) Cut image out along the lines or in whatever pattern you want it to appear on the tshirt

7) How to light transfer fabric:
How to dark transfer fabric:

8) Follow Avery instructions about ironing on picture unto shirt.

9) I splashed black nail polish on the edges of my piece sign picture after ironing it unto shirt so it would blend more with the tie dye (strictly artistic purposes, not required). Fabric paint would have been more wise to use in place of nail polish, but I didn’t have any. Fabric paint cost around 70 cents at Walmart by the way. Nail polish pretty much works the same; doesn’t wash out or smudge once dry.


10) Voila. You’re done 🙂

Sounds complicated, but very simple. You don’t have to do all three (tie dye, shredding, and screen printing) to one shirt. You can just choose one creative idea and be spunky with a boring tee.


Happy almost Summer 🙂



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