My Best Second Day Curls Ever! Thanks to Banding <3



Banding benefits:
-Substitute for nighttime pineappling. Keeps curls intact. I prefer banding 100x better than pineappling, which makes my hair stick up and stiff

-Stretches curls. Not necessarily loosens curls, but allows them to fall more downward. Great method for short hair.

Last-night before bed, I sprayed my worn wash and go with some of my homemade conditioning/ refreshing spray, then banded my hair.

I just discovered what banding was about a month ago. I know i’m late.

Anyway, I parted my hair in 3 sections & banded each section from root to center, as I didn’t want to stretch or mess up the natural way my ends curl.

I woke up this morning and took the hair bands out. My hair was like 15% still damp, so I put a little Shea Moisture Curl Milk in my palms, raked through my hair and fluffed.

My hair finished air drying fully in like 45 mins.

This is by far the best, softest, most moisturized, defined second day hair I’ve ever a had. I have to give credit to my glycerin pre poo yesterday in conjunction to banding; my new loves ❤️.



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