Glycerin/Honey As A Pre-Poo

Glycerin and honey are humectants.

What are humectants?

humectant is a substance that helps a product retain water. Humectants attract moisture and humidity. They allow whatever moisture is in the air to be absorbed into whatever they are applied to.

I tried using my bottle of glycerin as a sealant, but it just makes my hair frizzy, which should have been expected, as it attracts moisture/humidity.

Today I decided to use it as a pre-poo. And I say pre-poo as in not just before shampooing. I Iike to  pre-poo before I co-wash sometimes when I have time.

Why glycerin as a pre-poo?

Well if you think about it, humectants attract moisture/humidity/steam right? So if you apply it to your hair before you wash/co-wash, the steam from the shower will allow your conditioner and the water to fully penetrate your strands when rinsing, which I imagine will give your hair a silkier feel.

I Googled glycerin pre-poo before writing this post and minimal results came up. Using myself as a guinea pig, we’ll see if this works. It should. It only makes sense.

Update, plus a pic after I wash it out.

Note: Honey, as I said is also a humectant and can be used as a substitute for glycerin, but may be more difficult to apply to dry hair as a pre-poo.


Warnig: Overtime honey and glycerin will lighten your hair, or affect its color, so this is an fyi.


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