Cultural Read: Brian Lara “Beating The Field” (Autobiography)


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read, but became lazy with age, haha.

As a child I loved reading for fun! Physical books were like toys to me.

I used to love coming to my uncle’s house in Atlanta because he had a bookshelf full of awesome reads.

The last books I read thoroughly from his collection were The Coldest Winter Ever, The Bluest Eyes, and Angela’s Ashes.

Since then, my reading habit declined. I haven’t read a physical book for leisure in years.

I just walked by the same book shelf and decided to browse. I instantly started reminiscing on the days the smell if books gave me a sense of euphoria.

I scoped out one in particular on an extremely famous West Indian cricket player from Trinidad, named Brian Lara.

I remembered him being in West Indian history texts for record breaking scores. He is a big deal there and in England.

I love learning more about my culture, so I picked this book up and decided to force myself to make time to read it.

I love that it also contains few pictures. It just evokes the ‘little girl that loved to read’ in me more.


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