Plain Yogurt: For Skin Renewal, Hair Growth, Feminine Health, and Teeth

Yogurt for Skin:

1) Natural skin moisturizer/brightener

2) Fights acne and pimples

3) Reduces blemishes tanning, under eye dark circles, and skin discoloration. (Yogurt contains high amts of lactid acid which helps lighten discolored areas back to their natural pigment).

4)Fights aging: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

5) soothes sunburns

6) Cures infected cuts (just dab a small amount of yogurt on a gauze and apply to affected area often)

7) Hand and Foot Care with Yogurt: Dry hands and feet and damaged cuticles can be treated with yogurt.

How I use it on my skin?- Well I use it mainly for the 3rd benefit listed. I have crazy dark circles under my eyes due to being a night-owl, and the fact that I have large eyes, which are more prone to dark circles. I also have light discoloration on my cheeks. 

I wash my face in warm water with my regular face wash first. I pat dry my face, and while my pores are still open, I rub yogurt all over my face, focusing on my cheeks and under eyes. I wear the yogurt on my face for 15 mins as a mask; it will turn a little hard. Then I wash it off with really cold water, and my face feels amazingly refreshed. It’s a beautiful feeling.


Yogurt for Hair:

1) Natural conditioner.

You can condition your hair with yogurt. I just did today and it provided great slip and smelled yummy 🙂

2) Get rid of split ends and hair fall

3) Rids dandruff and itchy scalp

4) Aids in hair growth: The zinc and lactic acid properties help stimulate blood circulation, which accelerates hair growth.

5) Strengthening treatment: The protein content in yogurt provides ample nourishment and strengthening to the hair without making it dull or dry. 


Yogurt for Feminine Health:

Cures vaginal odor and minor infections (primarily yeast infections), Improves the taste of vagina: Eat plain yogurt regularly; can also be directly applied to vagina. I personally would prefer to eat it lol, because inserting it sounds a little gross.


Yogurt for Teeth:

Yogurt contains phosphorous and calcium that helps strengthen the tooth enamel and form a protection layer that helps fight yellowness and bad breath issues. Simply rub yogurt on your teeth regularly to see whiter teeth in a few weeks.


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