Wrapping Foam for Setting Natural Curls?


You guys know I am trying to do the whole less is more, when it comes to how many products I use on my hair at a time.

Well, I really like how eco styler gel defines my curls with zero frizz, but I hate the aftermath the next day.

I hate stiff hair. Gel also has the tendency to cause buildup, and it makes my wet hair dry slower.

I like fluffy curls, even if they are not super defined. I tried using gelo in place of gel, because it provides a softer hold but it is pretty expensive, and I do wash and go’s three times a week. It also causes my wet hair to dry slower.

I was searching for something lightweight that shape and sculpt my natural curls, has a light hold, that’s cost efficient, and can be used daily without buildup, dries fast,and doesn’t weigh hair down for days that I want fluffier hair.

I instantly thought about mousse. I picked up Herbal Essences mouse and looked at the ingredients, which weren’t bad. I was about to walk to the register to pay for it, but Creme of Nature wrapping Foam with Argan oil caught my eyes.

I remembered using wrapping foam on my permed hair to do roller sets. The ingredients also were better than the ingredients listed for the mousse.

Both the mousse and wrapping lotion are foams, but the wrapping lotion has that really soft hold that I like, whereas I wasn’t sure if the mousse was going to make my hair stiff.

I decided to pay the dollar extra and get the wrapping foam.

Like I said, I plan on using it in place of gel on days that I want to rock bigger, less defined, but frizz free hair, for braid out s(yes I said braid-outs). I think it will work great on manipulated styles also, and I plan on trying them.

I want to actually check out more products from them. Seems like a good natural line.

I’ll post the results šŸ™‚

Creme of Nature Natural Line




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