Braid Out Fail…Again. Pros and Cons of Type 3 Hair


I am writing this post in frustration.

I took my precious time last night and did a braid-out using leave in conditioner and wrapping foam to hold the style. I knew my hair does not really care for braid-outs, twistouts, bantu knots, any manipulated style really, but I figured maybe I am just not doing them right.

As I’ve stated, I took my time. I can braid well, so I know that’s not the issue. I also made sure to do my braids tighter, so they wouldn’t be loose. I tied a scarf ( I hate scarfs) on my hair, then put my satin cap over the scarf to make sure it did not slip off my head.

I woke up this morning with my scarf still securely on my head and my braids neat. I was excited to take the braids down at that point.

After taking down the first braid, that excitement quickly faded. The hair at the back of my head took the shape of the braid out a little better than the front where my texture is looser. After taking down all four braids, my hair looked like overstretched waves. I wanted to cry. I just put it in a bun, and ran online to do research on how the majority of type 3’s felt about manipulated styles such as braidouts.

The first post I came across was by a female with type 4 hair, explaining very well 3 differences between type 3 and 4 hair. Her post was extremely helpful and made me realize that my hair texture in general has a harder time holding styles, and that’s just one of the cons of having type 3 hair that I had to accept.

Direct link to post->

My comment on her post

I also came across this discussion board, where people that claim to have type 3 hair experienced similar issues as me.

Discussion board link->


Pros of Type 3 hair:

-detangles/styles faster and easier

-easier to moisturize

-less shrinkage

-little to no single strand knot problems <-( I still don’t know what that is) because our hair strands naturally clump


Cons of Type 3 hair:

-doesn’t hold styles well (braid outs ,twist outs, dreads, bantu knots)

-have less style variety to choose from (buns, wash and go or slick back styles are our few options). Greater variety is important because constantly pulling hair up or back can cause tension on our edges.

-hair frizzes easily

-Needs to be wet often. Going past 3 days without wetting my hair would start to cause lots of shedding.

– sealing our hair can be disastrous or beneficial. We have to mist on a light oil very carefully so it won’t weigh our hair down, or substitute with a serum (which is usually packed with silicons and ingredients you can’t pronounce) in order to prevent mega frizz, and if we don’t seal, the moisture we put in our hair escapes fast.







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