We Don’t Take You Seriously. Texture Discrimination






Although this irks me a little, I’m not surprised. She is just the bold voice for a lot of you.

I relate to the title of this post every time I share a post concerning natural hair. I can tell by the crickets people are scrolling past my posts like, “She’s annoying. My hair doesn’t do that.”

Since I’ve been using mostly home-made, organic things on my hair which targets no one texture, I feel as though for people to still not see that most of my tips are universal is bizzare.

I feel as though bloggers, youtubers, etc. that put their hair journey out there, aren’t trying to tell people what to do, but create positivm.

Honestly without those outlets, I probably wouldn’t like my hair as much as I do now.

My grandmother had bone straight, East Indian hair. For a while I’ve felt like if she or my mom got with black men with softer texture hair, then my hair would be even looser.

The more I see people like me embracing their natural hair out freely, regardless of texture, the more I have been learning to do the same.

Today I was on the escalator at Target, and above me there were two other naturals. We all had different textures, but all wore proud, big hair. I just thought to myself , “Wow, this natural hair community is really growing.”

I’m not gonna lie, I looked back to see if anyone was starring at us, and yep, this white guy was staring up at all of our fros; it escalated my confidence and gave me an extra pep in my step.

Her comment aims to take away that pep, and that’s the sad part. Why tear down another ethnic woman who is trying to be a part of embracing and beautifying something that had been deemed taboo forever?

We separate and create boxes for ourselves by things like skin tone and hair texture, but get mad when society uses these classifications as a guide for how to treat us.

Natural hair of any pattern is natural period.


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