Shea Moisture Line Review


I like this line because it is all organic.

Liked products:

Curl Enhancing Smoothie: smells great, moisturizes well, consistency of a hair butter. I use this sometimes for extra moisture after my leave in conditioner

Style Milk: a light weight, less oil based version of the curl enhancing smoothing, which I love as a type 3 hair person, because it isn’t as heavy, and absorbs into strands faster.

Deep Treatment Mask: great stuff. Upon first application it doesn’t really feel like it has a lot of slip, but it’s a mask. After washing it off, your hair is going to feel extremely soft. For $12.99 though, I don’t know if it will be my staple because I deep condition weekly, and I can make my own homemade treatments that actually works just as well. I will purchase this again during lazy times, where I do not feel like whipping up a batch of my own.

Disliked products
Hold and Shine Mist. Just no. I’m personally not a fan of hold. It’s like a shiny spritz to me. I won’t ever repurchase. I bought it to work as a finishing shine spray, but I didn’t like it.

SoufflĂ© gel: I honestly don’t remember how I felt about this one. The consistency is very thin, like runny jello. It’s lightweight, and I think it did define my curls, with little to no hold, which I love, but I think I didn’t repurchase because I found Eco styler gel for $2 vs this for $9.99. I don’t think it’s worth the price, but not horrible. Probably really good for 3a/b hair, but there are so many other natural gelos and custards out there that work and smell better. III Sisters of Nature makes a great one.


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