Weekend Grab


1) You can never have too many bobby pins. I like this because it comes in a tub; probably still going to lose them πŸ™ˆ

2) hard bristle brush- I am not usually a fan of hard bristles, but my soft bristle brush was too soft to do my slicked down hairstyles.

3) you guys know how much I hate head scarfs and bonnets, because they are hideous, they ALWAYS slip off my head, and they pull on my edges. However, I found this spandex stretch cap at my local beauty supply store. So far I love it. The material is a stretchy satin. It is not only less ugly, but it fits snug & secure on your head. It looks equivalent to a beanie or wig cap. In fact, if I want to wear a beanie or hat, I can just slip this on under the hat o protect my hair. There is no grip on the circumference to pull at your edges either. I’ll try it out starting tonight after plaiting my hair up, and see if it impresses me. If it does, then they have won me over.


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