Just Found Out My Favorite $1 Conditioner is Silicone Free!!!!


So I gave up on silicone conditioners, though I knew it was going to be hard to find silicone free ones anywhere, except wholefoods.

I’ve been using Tressemme Naturals and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner faithfully, which I love, but nothing compared to my V05 $1 moisture milk conditioners.

I have no clue why my hair likes that cheap stuff so much, except the fact that it contains biotin.

When I decided to go cone free, I threw out my V05 conditioners, because I just assumed for a dollar they most definitely contained cones.

Nope! They don’t!!! At least not the moisture milk line. I read this on a blog and instantly rushed to Kroger to check the ingredients with my own two eyes, and it’s true!

I wanted to grab about 10 of the Strawberries and Cream kind, and Peaches and Cream kind, but they only had 1left!

I’m in awe over this line. I will be using these as a wash out and a leave in.



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