How To: Make Your Own Liquid Leave In Conditioning, Refreshing, Shine Spray


My biggest problem with my wash n go’s is that if I use oil on my hair, it dries frizzier than usual.

However I feel like I need to apply a little on my wash n go, as the final step; not to seal, but for shine!

My hair dries so dull if I do not use some type of oil over it, yet my fine strands won’t stand for it. Oil is just too much of an overload for them.

I was looking at a curly regimine lastnight and she used a conditioning , shine spray after her leave in, and I started reminiscing about how much I used to love them.

When I had a perm I loved using liquid spray leave in conditioners, because they didn’t weigh my hair down after I washed it.

When I first went natural, I still used conditioning sprays. I used the Aussie kind and the “Just For Me” kids liquid detangling spray/ conditioner faithfully on my wash and go’s!

Over the years however, I got caught up in product hype, mimicking routines that weren’t mine, etc (like most naturals), and unaware, stopped using them.

I thought about picking one up from the beauty supply after watching the Youtuber’s video, but I’ve become so picky over ingredients, so I thought why not make my own.

It’s your personalized conditioning, spray. Feel free to put whatever your hair likes/needs in it.

I am going to add 100% glycerin, 100% aloe leaf juice, and olive oil to mine. After all, I do want it mainly for shine.

FYI: I have to do an updated wash & go. As I’ve stated in a previous post, I am trying to embrace my hair with less product.

My new regimen eliminates gel on a regular basis. I’ll only use it for extra definition for special occasions.

Updated video coming soon!

-Fill a spray bottle about half full of room temperature water. My spray bottle is around 5 ounces. I used 3 ounces if water

-add some of your fav conditioner. Not too much. Around 1 tbsp. em>You want the consistency of your leave in spray to be thin, so you want water to dominate the other ingredients. If it’s thick, you will have trouble getting it to spray, and it may create residue.

– add a few drops of glycerin (optional). Honey is a good substitute!

– 1 ounce of aloe Vera juice (optional)

– about a tbsp of olive oil

Shake it up until all the ingredients dilute. The oil of course will not fully dilute, but you just have to always shake it up before applying to hair.


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