Baking Soda Deep Conditioning Treatment

Disclaimer: this treatment works best on low porosity hair, a.k.a hair that needs help opening up it’s cuticles.

Porosity test listed in “Tutorials” tab.


I like to call this the “fluffy curl” treatment, because it makes my curls fluffy and soft.

This treatment is best on low porosity hair because the baking soda helps open up tightly sealed cuticles in order for your deep conditioner to penetrate deep into your strands.

The outcome is soft, fluffy hair and elongated curls. Yes. Some people have compared this treatment to a temporary texrurizer.

Not ideally, as it does NOT contain the harmful chemicals of a texturizer!

When washing out, your hair should feel more light weight & like it has more slip than usual, which I love.

If your hair is high porosity, I would not recommend this treatment as your cuticles are already opened, and exposing them more can be damaging.

– First wash or cowash hair
-apply treatment in sections, then cover with plastic cap
– keep in for 20 mins, then rinse
-Co wash again (apply conditioner to hair and rinse).

I personally didn’t think it elongated my curls. It made them swell, which increased the circumference. Outcome: bigger, fluffier, soft, shiny curls.







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