April Showers

-“Don’t believe people that heal too fast. They have learned nothing. Hopefully third time’s a charm, or I have learned nothing.”

Hi Mr. April 12th;
Hope all is well.
Before I unswaddle my heart,
Are you going to be warm today?
Or are you going to rebel?

Last year I waited for you since November;
Forever it seemed.
You sang melodies, promised longevity,
Basically sold me a dream.

Fall was my crush,
Or did you forget?
I told you I liked him,
But you made me forget 🙂 

So I bought bikinis and dresses
Excited for Spring.
But April 12th, you approached
With a demeanor unwelcoming .

Attractive as you are,
You were cold and ugly that day.
Grey cloudy skies,
You hid the sun and cowardly ran away.


No “I’m sorry”,

Kisses nor flowers.

You left me with a tattered heart, unresolved ending,

& face drenched in April showers..











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