Length Check #2. Two Months Post Semi Chop

Both pictures are of my curls combed/ brushed out. No heat


I’m early again. I can never wait until the actual 14th. Honestly I have been slipping on remembering to take my vitamins.

I took a two-month supply of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, which only contains biotin, vitamin e, and vitamin c, and did see growth when I did my first length check.

I however stopped taking them after the second bottle because they are extremely hard to find in stores and online. Walgreens were the only ones that carried them & they were always out of stock.

This month I decided to start taking 5000 mcg of biotin per day, along with a cheap Target brand prenatal vitamin.

Prenatal vitamins are just multi- vitamins in double dose form, since they are usually for pregnant women.

Prenatal vitamins however, do not contain biotin, which is necessary for hair growth, so hence the reason I decided to take both together.

As I’ve mentioned though, I’ve been skipping days since I started because I am terrible at drinking water, and if you do not drink a ton of water while taking biotin, your skin WILL break out like crazy!

I’m gonna do better!

It’s only been two months, plus my lack of consistency, but I’m nonetheless satisfied with the growth I’m experiencing.

Disclaimer: Hair grows on average .5 inches a month


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