Gone Organic: Why I Chose To “Style Clean”


Think of your hair as a plant or your body. It essentially needs food, water, moisture, air.

People ‘eat clean’ to diet, rid themselves of toxins and be rewarded with an overall healthy body.

It’s the same with hair. Be mindful of the ingredients you are feeding it. If those ingredients are harmful, sooner or later your hair is going to be the victim.

Speaking about victim, you know that saying, experience is the best teacher?Yep. That’s exactly what had to happen in order for stubborn me to make a change. Let’s dive briefly into the past.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I gave up using silicones in my hair products, and I’m very much against them now.

When I went natural for the very first time, and had no clue what I was doing, I was the girl that didn’t care about ingredients.

I felt like only ‘natural nazis’ picked at such a topic; until I was affected.

My hair did not react the same anymore to product. I was using my “holy grail” products and they weren’t doing anything for my hair anymore.

I started doing research and read up on silicone, petroleum, dyes, parabens; basically a ton of unhealthy, unnatural stuff put into out hair products to lower manufacturing costs.

If you look at some products, you’ll see the awesome ingredients listed on the advertising label is at the end of your list of ingredients, which means barely any of it is actually in the product.

I am going to discuss my dislike for silicons in particular, because honestly that’s one of the main ones I am against being in my products due to my low porosity hair.

What are silicons?

“Silicons in curly hair products will produce build up in your hair and scalp due to their inability to dissolve in water. Since their names can be quite difficult to remember, just keep in mind that anything ending in “cone,” “conol,” “col,” or “xane,” should be avoided. The only exceptions here are those ingredients with the abbreviations “PEG” or “PPG” in front of them. This abbreviation will alert you that they were made to be water-soluble, and won’t produce the build-up other silicones are known to cause.” Read more about the here http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/products-ingredients/10-silicones-in-curly-hair-products-to-avoid/

Basically silicons from a barrier over your strands, which keeps them nice and smooth. This tricks people into thinking silicons are great.

However as mentioned, the common ones used in our hair products aren’t water soluble, which means constantly coating your hair with products contains these silicones would only continue to cause invisible build up on your hair, not allowing water or moisture in.

Many naturals only co-wash (wash with conditioner only), which makes things worse if you are using silicones.
In order to strip silicones from your hair, you need to use a sulfate shampoo.

Using a sulfate shampoo is almost equivalent to using dish detergent on your hair, because it strips everything, including moisture, but it’s the only way to get silicons out.

So in order to use silicons, I have to use sulfates?

Yep. Two unnatural, damaging products to complement the other…or, just go organic and ‘style clean’.

The decision was extremely simple. A bit more expensive, but not a lot.

In fact styling clean can be dirt cheap, as tons of natural foods found in whole foods are great for your hair by digesting into body or applying directly to hair.

Have you heard of the YouTuber “PictureMeNatural”? God bless her channel. She gave me lifelong advice to grasp unto.

She only uses organic/ edible products on her hair, and it is gorgeous! You have to check out her channel if you haven’t: (http://youtu.be/C6wvjF_DWEo) Definitely my huge/ core inspiration to styling clean.

This past week I endured on a no product hair challenge to see how my hair reacted in it’s vulnerable state to different conditioners and the environment in general.

I found some pros and cons. My biggest pro using silicone free conditioner only all week was realizing going organic hair product-wise, was one of my best decisions! 👏 Yay!

‘Styling clean’ as I like to call it gives your hair the opportunity to gain the best benefits of the four essentials (food, water, moisture & air).

However I am not going to embrace full on nudity. What I mean by ‘styling clean’ does not mean not using leave in product at all on your hair. It  simply means less is more in terms of ingredients (be able to pronounce/recognize) most of them and the amount of different products you apply to your hair on top of each other.

My product-less challenge ended yesterday, and so I did a wash n go, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ( which I dilute in a little water, because type 3 hair can act funny w/ thicker creams).

I’ve never been so happy in my life to apply product. I missed it!

My curls did not dry super defined like they would if I used gel on top of a leave in cream or conditioner, but I was very content in the way it looked and felt nonetheless.

I found that wearing hair naked with only leave in conditioner, moisturizes your hair and makes it feel really soft and fluffy, but your styles do not last long at all, my curl definition had loosened to the point of non existence (my hair looked like a fluffy cotton fro).

My decision is to stick to my organic products only of course, but also lessen the amount of different products I use in my wash n go regimen.

For example, I’m probably only gonna use gel sparingly. I’m going to include it in my regimen, mainly just on special occasions where I want super defined curls.

My everyday casual product routine is going to be no more than 3 products max: a leave in conditioner, a curl cream (maybe ) and an extremely thin layer of coconut oil for shine. I much rather use serum for my hair type and porosity, but I haven’t come across any organic serums.

All in all, I am not trying to boycott inorganic products or more entirely, force my decision upon anyone.

What I’ve explained in this post is my referendum.

I feel as though if I (emphasis on I) am going to “go natural”, (emphasis on natural), packing on unnatural ingredients unto my hair, and then criticizing perms or color (which those who follow me know WAS my weakness 😍) seems hypocritical and contradicting.

Hope this post helped someone.


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