Minnie Wore It Before Miley (Protective Hairstyle Fun) #TBT 90s

20140403-030419.jpgMinnie,  Zenon, Mel B a.k.a “Scary Spice” from The Spice Girls all wore it.

I think I may have been more obsessed with this hairstyle than the Minnie mouse I owned and loved to pieces, my awe for Zenon “Girl of the 21st Century, or Scary Spice (see About Me for details on how she partially inspired my name).

When I was younger, I used to beg my mom to do my hair in two ponytails with the top knots for school, but she would always say no, and that I’d get laughed at.

As I was about to do a typical pineapple bun today, I thought about trying something different. I playfully did the ‘Minnie mouse’ hairstyle and childhood memories flooded my veins.

It made me want to listen to the songs”Zoom” and “Wannabe” so that I could realistically dwell in the moment.

Asked for Minnie, I wish I knew what happened to her 😔😣


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