Aussie Moist: Great Conditioner. Horrible Ingredients


I recent’y tried Aussie Moist conditioner for the first time, after seeing the enormous amount of hype concerning it. To give a itttle background, I have stopped using products containing silicons on my hair, because in general my hair hates them.

I have low porosity hair. Products with silicons are not beneficial in my eyes, because they only coat your hair strands. The actual moisture does not actually penetrate. Products with silicons usually have extremely great slip, and your hair feels super soft while applying, which tricks people into thinking it is actually moisturizing their hair, only to discover after their hair dries, the moisture disappears.

Silicons form a film over your hair, which becomes thicker with constant use, preventing good beneficial producta from actually getting to your hair. This causes you to feel like even some of the best products or products that once worked for you is no longer doing so. Silicons can also only be stripped out of hair by using a harsh sulfate shampoo or dish detergent.

Aussie Moist conditioner did exactly what a silicon contain conditioner does.. From the moment I applied it, I knew what the outcome was going to be. My hair felt amazing, but I could literally see little conditioner bulbs, just sitting on top of my strands instead of being absorbed into them.

I still continued to apply the product, because I promised to do a full review of it on naked hair.

All I used was Aussie Moist Conditioner on my hair, washed it out, applied a little bit as a leave in, and that’s it.

The results were undefined, puffy, cottony, frizzy, but extremely soft and and manageable hair. The conditioner did not penetrate my actual strands.

Would I re-purchase this product? No.

Would I recommend this product to someone else? Yes. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t care about silicons being in their hair products. I have been natural since 2010 and almost all my products contained cones, but after making the decision to start over on a healthier journey, I have eliminated them.

However, doing this Aussie Moist review on naked hair inspired me to do a “Naked Hair Week” challenge, where I won’t be using hair products, minus my wash out conditioner. I plan on doing this all of next week with my Tressemme Naturals Silicone Free Conditioner, and Garnier Fructis Pure Clean conditioner, which is an amazing silicone free option in place of Aussie Moist. I probably love it on type 3 textures more than Tresemme Naturals, because it is light and creamy. I’ll have to remind myself to do a naked hair review on that 🙂

I will compare my naked hair using silicon free/organic conditioners that actually penetrate the hair’s strands, to show the difference in its appearance compared to Aussie Moist and other cone containing products.

Naked Hair using only Aussie Moist:

^ temporary hair color spray (see reviews)

temporary hair color spray (see reviews)



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