My hair is type 3C for the most part (a little looser in the front), but still obiously 3C overall. I’m not a fan of claiming multiple textures. I like to keep things simple, and i think one texture throughout everyone’s hair always dominates the others.

I have sharpie-sized fluffy curls (Think Rachael True, Cree Summer, Mel B, Kelis)





I appreciate the hair typing system because it makes things so much easier when looking for tips and ideas. Many tips are universal, but sometimes having someone with simiilar textures to help you overcome your struggles is so relieving.

If I haven’t already mentioned, I got my first perm at 13, so I am pretty familiar with my natural hair.

I care for my hair by doing wash and go’s 3 out of 7 days a week (Click Tutorials tab to see how I do it). I prefer wash and go’s over braid outs, twistouts, bantu knots etc. I prefer my curl pattern to do it’s own thing.

I have low porosity hair (Google it). My hair thrives on water and humidity

I don’t seal with oil, but I do use it on my hairline and ends (castor oil) and coconut oil preferably to detangle before washing.

I don’t have issues with staying away from heat, because I’m lazy about flat ironing my hair. I only flat iron less than a handful times a yr, starting last yr (2013).

My protective styles are usually the typical bun, a pigtail (when my hair was longer), wrapped in a scarf and covered with a hat, or flat ironed. My scalp is sensitive to styles kept for long periods.

I try to use organic, all natural ingredients mostly, and keep my routine as simple as possible. I’m a content plain Jane when it comes to styling my hair.









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