My Natural Accident (The “Why I Went Natural” Story)

“I’ll be back in two months,” I told my stylist named Kita. “Book my next perm for 10-05-09.”

I loved Salon Soy. They always hooked my hair up, and they only charged $50 for a relaxer and trim.

I had just gotten my hair cut into a short Rihanna type angled bob, and I was feeling myself. That is until my stylist denied booking me for a perm in October. That was my birthday month, and I couldn’t walk around with puffy roots on my birthday!

“Your hair texture does not need a perm,” she said. “But if you really want to continue getting them, then only do them twice a year. I’ll book you six months from now.”

I looked at her like “REALLY!” But looking back I need to go down to the salon with a gift and thank her, because I never went back to relaxers.

So after getting my last relaxer in August 2009, I moved into my college dorm for the first time. There I met my roommate, and what became my lifetime friend, and big sister.

She was an “all about her business”, Gemini, light-skinned girl from New Jersey with glasses, and a big personality. I loved all of it, and we clicked instantly. I love Geminis (off topic lol).

She told me she had also just gotten a haircut, and showed me pictures of her hair before; it was pretty long. I told her about how my hairstylist had the nerve to deny me my next perm, and she told me she was thinking of going natural, and said we should go on the journey together.

I initially looked at her the same crazy way I looked at my hairstylist, but I like challenges, and I liked her, and I thought it would be a great way  to bond, although I told her I may give up after six months.

So I started my journey with her. We did braid outs constantly, and my signature style was what people now refer to as “goddess braids”. I knew my friends probably got tired of me going out with two big conrows in my hair, but I was surprisingly enjoying my transitioning process, unlike most.

I knew what my natural texture looked like because I didn’t get my first relaxer until the age of 13, so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

The final motivating factor that inspired me to go natural was a subtle insult. My job manager at the time came up to me and said that a customer referred to me as the girl with the curly hair, and she didn’t know who she was talking about.

I said “Oh yea, me.” And she said “Oh, but that’s a braid out right?” I was thinking a girl with like naturally curly hair.” I said, but I do have naturally curly hair, and she looked at me like “Sure…”

I couldn’t wait to big chop and show that bitch!

Two weeks later, and approximately one year after my last perm, I sat in Kita’s chair again. My hair had grown back to mid-back length.

It was August 2010. I had moved out of the dorms, and into my own apartment. I loved cutting my hair extremely short in the summer, and to top it off I was ready to be completely natural. I was over battling two textures.

Kita was proud of me for going beyond her 6 month request for a relaxer. She asked me if I was going to stick with being natural and I told her yes.

She started my haircut and turned me to face the mirror to show I was complete. I looked in the mirror at my shoulder length , flat ironed pin straight haircut, faced her and said, “Cut it shorter. I want all of the permed ends gone.”

By the time she was done I was all natural. I loved my pixie cut, and I was relieved I didn’t have to do braid outs anymore. Probably why to this day I’m not a fan of braid/twist outs.

I hoped out of her chair beyond satisfied, thanked her, and went on my way to work.


Date on pics  wrong. Should be 2010!


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